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Trapped in the corporate hive as an insurance cost accountant, Barney Berry has his tedious life disrupted when he jumps between his world and a scary Waspoid world where he battles a hive of human-like insects that want him for bug chow. The Hive is a growing monster that gobbles up humans as slave labor and food sustenance. The Waspoid world is no different from the world of Baxter Life where corporate backstabbing and intrigue are equally dangerous to the life and soul. The company makes profits at the cost of the customers it was created to serve and sucks Barney into its treacherous web of corporate crime.

His Waspoid adversaries are the queen, general and oracle who are insect versions of the Baxter Life the president, vice-president, the company Intuitionist, a new age advisor, all hostile toward Barney. The antagonists of the two worlds want to use Barney to accomplish their own purposes. Then he discovers that the man who received the promotion Barney's wife Melissa aspired for him has an exciting counterpart in the world of the Waspoids. Both men intend on betraying him to his enemies for their personal gain.

Meanwhile, Barney dreams of a life as a cartoonist living on the edge instead of a man who sacrifices creativity for the security of a big salary, benefits and the good life. And yet, the adventure of fighting the Waspoid Hive is far too terrifying for him.

In his real world, he is in danger of falling out of love with a wife who does not believe in him even while pushing him to climb the corporate ladder he hates. However, in the frightening world, he meets her spitting image, a resistance fighter with faith in him as the Liberator. He falls in love with her despite the fact that she expects him to free her world from the humanoid insects.

He wants to bring his new lover into his real world. His problem is how to extricate himself from the clutches of the Hives of both worlds before either of them kills him. Eventually, Barney develops a plan. Whether or not he survives the attack on both Hives is the question and the odds are not on his side.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 30
Double Dragon Publishing
Double Dragon Publishing