The Hunters: Books 1-3

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The Hunters trilogy consists of the first three books in the award-winning Hunters series: THE HUNTERS, THE FORBIDDEN TOMB, and THE PRISONER'S GOLD. Every book in the series has hit #1 on Amazon. THE HUNTERS has been optioned for a major motion picture, and THE PRISONER'S GOLD won the ITW Thriller Award for Book of the Year.

The first book in the series (THE HUNTERS) features a diverse cast of characters. Financed by a mysterious philanthropist, this elite team—a soldier (Jack Cobb), an historian (Jasmine Park), a computer whiz (Hector Garcia), a weapons expert (Josh McNutt), and a thief (Sarah Ellis)—was asked to locate a Romanian train filled with riches that disappeared in Russia during World War I. The collection is now valued at over $3.5 billion. Despite several attempts to find it, its location has remained a mystery…until now.

The second book was called THE FORBIDDEN TOMB, and it was released in 2014. Tasked with finding the legendary tomb of Alexander the Great and the extraordinary riches that were rumored to be buried with him, the Hunters encountered hostile forces that would do anything to stop them. Before long, the treasure hunt became a deadly rescue mission with hundreds dead and a city in ruins. As the death toll continued to mount, the team was forced to rise to the challenge to find the ultimate prize.

The third book in the series was called THE PRISONER'S GOLD, and it was released in 2015. At the end of the 13th century, Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan gave an Italian merchant unfettered access to his kingdom. The traveler was Marco Polo, and his journey would become legendary. Aided by a special passport that protected him throughout the land, Polo amassed unbelievable wealth and hid it before his return to Italy. Guided by firsthand accounts of Polo's travels, the Hunters quickly discovered there was a criminal empire willing to do anything to stop them from taking the riches from Chinese soil.

Praise for Chris Kuzneski and THE HUNTERS series:

James Patterson, #1 international bestselling author—

“Chris Kuzneski’s writing has the same raw power as the early Stephen King.”

Clive Cussler, #1 international bestselling author—

“Chris Kuzneski writes as forcefully as his tough characters act.”

Nelson DeMille, #1 international bestselling author—

“Chris Kuzneski is a remarkable writer, who completely understands what makes for a good story: action, sex, suspense, humor, and great characters.”

Vince Flynn, #1 international bestselling author—

“Chris Kuzneski is a master in the making.”

James Rollins, #1 international bestselling author—

“Chris Kuzneski writes with an energy that is contagious! Action, suspense, mystery, and a biting thread of humor.... What more can you ask from a novel?”

Steve Berry, #1 international bestselling author—

“Kuzneski does it again with another terrific tale, filled with action and suspense, bringing the unimaginable to life. Definitely my kind of story!”

Scott Mariani, #1 international bestselling author—

“THE HUNTERS kicks off a brilliant new series from Chris Kuzneski. Adventure, history, mystery, and more—everything you’d want in a thriller!”

The Daily Mail (UK)—

“THE HUNTERS is taut and fierce—with a cast of agreeably idiosyncratic characters. It feels like the draft of a movie, and it could just be Kuzneski’s breakthrough novel. It deserves to be.”

Herald Sun (Australia)—

“THE HUNTERS is Mission: Impossible on steroids. The first in a new series, Kuzneski brings together a super-expert crew of renegades to track down a lost treasure, sent into hiding in 1916 and never seen again. . . It’s all about the action, which never stops. Half the fun is imagining the all-star cast for the movie that was clearly in Kuzneski’s mind. Final verdict: Thrill Ride.”

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