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“Natasha’s writing is a fresh and modern spin on great Southern literature.” - Ashley Pullo, author of the New Amsterdam series, praise for the author

“A delight to read…Thank you, Natasha, for giving Eliza the recognition she deserves.” - Margaret F. Pickett, author of Eliza Lucas Pinckney: Colonial Plantation Manager and Mother of American Patriots, 1722–1793

A deeply-researched and powerfully-written work of historical fiction, based on the untold story of Eliza Lucas, an extraordinary sixteen-year-old girl in Colonial-era South Carolina, whose actions were before their time: the story of the indigo girl.

In 1739, bright and determined sixteen-year-old Eliza Lucas is charged with keeping her family’s struggling plantations afloat, in her father’s absence. Learning of the high value of indigo, Eliza becomes determined to learn the secret of growing the enigmatic crop, believing it to be her family’s salvation, but everyone tells Eliza growing indigo in the region is impossible. Thwarted at nearly every turn, even by her own family, Eliza finds her only allies in an aging horticulturalist, an older and married gentleman lawyer, and a slave with whom she strikes a dangerous deal: teach her the intricate thousand-year-old secret process of making indigo dye and in return—against the laws of the day—she will teach the slaves to read. So develops an incredible story of romance, intrigue, hidden friendships, threats, ambition, betrayal, and sacrifice, based on historical documents and Eliza Lucas’ own letters.

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October 3
Blackstone Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Sair K. ,

Indigo Girl

The history around the indigo dye was fascinating for me... i studied natural dyes and batik in Hawaii, learning how to use recipes from many sources. But what anchored this story in my heart were the letters and the situation of an intelligent and very young woman developing in her own way in a society full of constraints we can only imagine today. The sensitive and honest portrayal of slavery is such an important part of this book. Thank you also for a love story based not on beauty but on character.

Linda MN ,

The Indingo Girl

This was a great book, a page turner with a bit of history to educate the reader. I love it. Definitely a five star!

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