The Inner Witchcraft of the Mind

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The Inner Witchcraft of the Mind is an occult manual that explores and teaches the magical secrets of the mind. 
By learning the magical aspects of the mind, you can wield the forces of magic like never before.
Indeed, in the study and practice of magic, the mind is held in the highest esteem, thereby the ancient saying, "The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental."
However, only a few understand what this means, which also explains why only a few are able to wield the powers of magic and the forces of nature effectively. 
This manual shares essential theories and foundational practices that will allow you to understand and know the magical power of your mind, and thereby allow you to use it magically. 

The mind is your most powerful weapon in magic.
As a witch or magus, it is only right that you learn to use your magic — and that you ought to use it in a magical way.
Remember: As your mind is, so does reality also become.
By learning to make your mind magical, you can also live and experience a magical life.
This manual reveals the way into true initiation into the magical path — by turning your mind magical.
After all, true magic is not supposed to be something that you should just know, but it also needs to be felt and personally experienced in life.
However, the mind is often like a wild animal that is hard to tame. 
This is why you should also engage in magical practices.
The practices in this manual are effective, short, and simple in order to allow the mind to focus on the magic at hand.
After all, true magical instructions ought to be short, for it is the actual practice that makes it long and meaningful, for it is only through practice that one can fully realize the meaning of a technique.
The magic of the mind has been hidden and guarded in strict secrecy, and for good reasons.
For years, many seekers of the occult arts have searched in vain.
Finally, now, the search is over, for it is now time to learn and practice the divine arts of veritable magic.
The Inner Witchcraft of the Mind is the key that can open wide the gates of magic for you.

May this manual be your guiding light and lead you to a path of peace, love, kindness, and a magical and meaningful life.
Always remember that the practice of true magic should make your life better, as well as turn you into a better human being.
There is only one requirement that you need to engage in the knowledge and practices in this manual, and that is to have a good heart.
Be kind, gentle, and loving, and the mysteries of the universe shall unfold and reveal themselves to you.
Are you ready for true magic?
Come, and blessed be!

Health, Mind & Body
July 28
Albertus Crowley
Draft2Digital, LLC

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