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The Islamic Journal begins with a historical background of Islamic society and how it developed and then went on to develop the rest of the world, Islamic society didn't simply advance scientifically excelling above other societies it gave the world the social, legal and moral tools needed to create the modern world. The Journal then covers the topics relating to the Islamic science of Tassawwuf at the heart of everything Islamic. It came about as a result of a book I was writing called “The Knowledge Behind The Terminology and Concepts in Tassawwuf and It’s Origin”, the title is as descriptive as possible because the book was written in the same style as classical islamic texts, a single document without any chapter’s, as they were a later invention which hindered the flow of the book.

The Journal, which is written sequentially, covers a wide range of related topics in a much deeper scope, from the history of Islamic civilisation and how it developed as a result of it’s practices to the prophets understanding of Space and the Universe and how Allah used them as an example to teach man about his self.

Table Of Contents

1) Man Is Always In A State Of Loss In The Universe

2) Ablution (Wudu) Is Worth Half Of Our Iman (Faith) and It’s Affects On The Unseen (Subatomic) World

3) The Role Of Wudu (Ablution) In Being Happy

4) The Spiritual Impact Of Perfecting The Self And The Importance of Spiritual Training

5) Allah Himself Is The One Who Categorised The Nafs (Self)

6) The Acupuncture Of Asia The Lataif Of Islam and Their Origin

Related Material

1) 1001 Years Of Missing Islamic Martial Arts

2) Tariqah’s Existed Among The First Generations Of Muslims (Salaf)Imam 

3) Ibn Kathir and Sufism

4) The Debate Between Ibn Ata Allah and Ibn Taymiyah On Tasawwuf

Religion & Spirituality
April 6
Sunnah Muakadah
rami boustani

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