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The Fever struck hard and fast, rising out of the slums and claiming victim after victim. At first, reports trickled across the wire in small segments relegated to the final seconds of the broadcast news. Lost among stories of failing economies and political bickering, few noticed what proved to be the birth pangs of a monster. Within months, the disease dominated the news as thousands died and infection rates soared.

William Hill knew his chances of avoiding the virus sat squarely between slim and none. With experts predicting a global pandemic, his choices boiled down to not if, but where he would die. While the rest of the world built barricades and set up distribution points for food, he chose a simpler end. The island had been one of the last and best times with his father. He couldn’t think of a better place to spend his final days.

He wanted sun and sand, fresh fish on the grill and cool nights by the campfire. He wanted feel-good days filled with oldies on the radio, days when he could hoist the sails and run before the wind. He didn’t set out to make enemies, but he did. He didn’t plan on becoming humanity’s last hope for survival, or watching over an old woman and an eerie little boy either.

To William Hill, the island seemed as good a place as any to die.

He just didn’t realize how good.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 25
Michael R Stark
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

MrsPid ,

The island

Good fleshing out of the characters, will definitely want to finish this book and will look for more of this author.

Idjster ,


I have to confess to being bowled over by this series. The author has a great grasp of language and writing and skill at character development. His main protagonist is a very believable character and though the series veered off in an unexpected direction it was still gripping and believable. I could hardly wait for the series to continue as I read them in order. Really, really well-written, the way a series should be. I’m even satisfied to reread it, at least 3 times now. It really is that good!

T'sipad ,

Loved it

Waiting for the patiently for the rock

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