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Just off in the distance stood a little town called Killington that was hard to locate on a map. In fact, this town only had a population of about fifty people which could explain why nobody knew about the town. That was about to change when Jason moved in to this town. Jason would end up turning the town upside down and make Killington a tourist attraction and famous for all the wrong reasons.
Jason was a very quiet man that kept to himself until one woman named Marybeth stole his heart and all Jason could think about was Marybeth. Jason would bring candy and flowers to Marybeth every chance he could. Marybeth wasn't really interested in Jason because he wasn't her type but she played along with his flirting anyway and pretended that she was excited to receive the candy and gifts that he brought her. Marybeth was a very promiscuous woman and wasn't the settling down type and Jason didn't stand a chance in being her one and only love. Every time Jason would try to take her out to the movies Marybeth would make up some kind of excuse about her sick mother but Marybeth had no living mother because her mother died about twenty years ago. Jason being so in love with Marybeth took her word on it.
That was about to change when Jason came over to visit Marybeth and found her in the arms of another man that's when the axe was swinging and Marybeth and her lover's body's were chopped into pieces. After Jason took Marybeth's head and used it for a centerpiece on his kitchen table he decided to sharpen his axe and go into town and pick up lonely women, bring them back to his house to cook them some dinner. Jason would then excuse himself from the table only to return with a shovel behind his back and while the unsuspecting woman was still eating he would pick up the shovel and swing the shovel as though he was hitting a line drive baseball out of the park. With all his force behind the shovel a loud bang then her body would slump over with blood splatters on the table and wall of the kitchen. Jason would put plastic down on the floor of the kitchen and violently swinging his axe down on the woman cutting her into pieces and save a part of her body as a souvenir.
Jason would be the towns only serial killer and the town would become famous because tourists would want to see his blood splattered house where all the murder's took place and hear all the gory details.

Fiction & Literature
December 17
Drac Von Stoller
Smashwords, Inc.

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