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The perfect gift for collectors and new readers alike, a breathtaking special edition boxed set of The Last War, Books 1 - 3.

The Last War series has been hailed as sci-fi cross romance- a compelling piece of fiction—a stunning portrayal of a new world created from fire and consumed at the edges even as the people strive to build a future for themselves …It's a  whole new world - sci fi and fantasy at its best…

The Last War has finally ended with the defeat of Emperor Aqatain, who has been chased north to a small unclaimed province. His Empire is in tatters, dispossessed roam the hills. Unrest and danger lurk in a world of countries with uneasy alliances, newly created from the ashes of the old.

Khandarken Rising, Book One —Major Dante Regiment is sent by his father, the General of Khandarken, to the Southern Territory. What he discovers shakes him to the core and fuels his grim determination to protect young Bethlehem Farmer at all cost.

Son of the Emperor, Book Two— Hunted by her stepmother, Julianne Adjudicator flees to the Sanctuary. Abe Farmer seeks help for his badly wounded bodyguard at the Sanctuary but ends up leaving under cover of darkness with young Julianne in tow when he discovers the fate that awaits her. Can they reach the Catastrophic Ocean and safety before disaster strikes?

Truth and Treachery, Book Three— The Young Emperor has been backed into a corner. His ambitions include overthrowing everything Khandarken has cobbled together since the Last War. The Chief Constable of Khandarken is a private man with a close connection to the Old Empire. Selanna Nettles' life takes a startling turn when she's hired to attend a set of high-level meetings in Gilsigg, Legitamia. When these three meet up, the result is explosive, not just for them but for the future of the Empire.

From attacks by the new Emperor to conspiracy in the ranks of the police, Khandarken is in more danger than at any time since the end of The Last War.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 7
Sylvie Grayson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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