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The first two volumes of The Little Red Dot series covered a wide range of views about Singapore's diplomacy by Singaporean diplomats. This new addition to the series offers a complementary perspective of Singapore and its bilateral relations, through the eyes of past heads of missions from foreign countries who have served as ambassadors to Singapore. The reader will be able to glean insights from the foreign diplomats who took an active role in getting to know Singapore, and at the same time, also worked hard to promote their respective countries' interests. As seen from their perspectives, the reader can learn more about what was unique about Singapore, what they learnt and what made their postings to Singapore memorable. These candid reflections will allow Singaporean readers to understand how different elements of our country are often seen as a whole, and how that in turn contributes to the impressions that our foreign friends have of Singapore. Often cited by the contributors are the success of Singapore's economic development, our cohesive multi-cultural and multi-religious society, our good governance, our education system and opportunities for the young. These aspects that are highlighted, among others, are what makes Singapore unique and they are also important to Singapore's future. There were, of course, some critical comments on some aspects of our culture and political arrangements. We should evaluate them with an open mind, always willing to learn from our friends.Contents: Australia: Memories of Singapore (Ted Delofski) Bangladesh: My Experience as High Commissioner in Singapore (Kamrul Ahsan) Belgium: How do I See Singapore Fifteen Years after Serving as Ambassador of Belgium (Patrick Van Haute) Brunei: The Singapore Experience (Dato Paduka Haji Mohd Yunos bin Haji Mohd Hussein) Cambodia: Singapore–Cambodia: A Growing Partnership (Roland Eng) Canada: The Resilience of a Nation (Doreen Steidle) Chile: Memories of Singapore (Juan Martabit) China: Lasting Impressions of Singapore (Yang Wenchang) A Country Always on the Move (Chen Baoliu) Costa Rica: Singapore, How to Fly High and Straight (Juan F Cordero A) Denmark: Singapore, A Posting that became a Home (Joergen Oerstroem Moeller) Egypt: The Miracle Known as Singapore (Mohamed Abdel Rehim El-Zorkany) European Union: Geography and Destiny (Holger Standertskjöld) Finland: Singapore on My Mind... (Satu Mattila) France: Some of My Best Years as Ambassador (Bernard de Montferrand) Germany: My Impressions of Singapore (Volker Schlegel) The Singapore Experience — Love at Second Sight (Folkmar Stoecker) Singapore and Globalisation: Benchmarks Set (Jörg Ranau) India: My Days in Singapore — Looking East and Loving It (Prabhat Prakash Shukla) Singapore (T C A Raghavan) Indonesia: My Assignment in Singapore (Soedibyo Rahardjo) Israel: My Life in Singapore — Reminiscences (Amira Arnon) Japan: Building Foundations for Japan and Singapore Relations (Hiroshi Hashimoto) My Experience as Ambassador of Japan to Singapore (Takaaki Kojima) Singapore, What Kind of a Little Red Dot? (Yoichi Suzuki) Kazakhstan: In Celebration of a Kazakhstan–Singapore Partnership (Nurlan Yermekbayev) Kuwait: Thoughts, Reflections, and Experiences of the Little Red Dot (Abdulaziz Ahmed Aladwani) Laos: My Career in the Lao Foreign Affairs Ministry (Thouane Vorasarn) Malaysia: Sustaining Malaysia–Singapore Relations — People of Goodwill on Both Sides (Dato' N Parameswaran) Mexico: The Best for Singapore is Yet to Be (Eduardo Ramos-Gómez) Myanmar: Brand Name Singapore (U Hla Thann) New Zealand: Recollections of a Singapore Posting (Timothy Hannah) Pakistan: Manicured and Choreographed: The Story of Effervescent Singapore (Sajjad Ashraf) The Philippines: My Easiest Diplomatic Posting (Alberto A Encomienda) Reflections (Minda Calaguian-Cruz) Poland: Singapore Matters, Indeed! (Boguslaw Marcin Majewski) Chopin, Football and Diplomacy (Waldemar Dubaniowski) Russia: What Does Singapore Mean to Me?:...

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