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Baby on his Doorstep!

Sheriff Garrett Brand has raised his entire brood of siblings single-handedly, and he’s  done his best to teach them some values, to mold them into honorable, responsible, and trustworthy human beings. So when a baby lands on the doorstep of the Texas Brand, his first question is which younger brother is in for a butt-kicking? But the little fellow isn’t named after Ben, or Wes, or Adam, or Elliot. The little feller is named after him–Garrett Ethan Brand–according to the note his mama left behind.

He’s still racking his brain to figure it all out, when a woman shows up at the ranch in the dead of night, spitting, fighting mad, and accusing Garrett of murdering her sister and stealing the baby! 

Chelsea is confused, heartbroken, and too mad to think straight, and the same trouble that found her poor sister is right on her tail. But of all the places she and the baby could’ve wound up, Garrett thinks this ranch is the best one.

Because this is one family that knows how to pull together and trouble doesn’t stand a chance against The Brands of Texas. 

July 24
Thunderfoot Publishing
Thunderfoot Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

Cathy_ABC ,

The Littlest Cowboy

Good story. Nice reading.

Kristen Lewendon ,

Overall, I enjoyed this book

Normally, I adore this author’s work, so it kills me that I didn’t love this as much as I wanted to. A farm full of honorable, rugged cowboys, each with a unique angsty past? A feisty little sister that can hold her own in the middle of all that testosterone? Sign me up! I am absolutely adoring the Brand family. And the cherubic little urchin that gets folded into the clan? Him too. Garrett is a gentle giant and I think I started falling for him immediately. He’s sweet and protective and just so cluelessly human, I really couldn’t resist. But Chelsea? So many of Chelsea’s actions just rubbed me the wrong way. And to be honest, I’m shocked she lived to see the end of the book because she kept throwing her tiny waif-like self into situations that should have killed her. Overall, I enjoyed this book and I’m definitely looking forward to reading about more Brands.

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