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If staying healthy, staying trim, getting your body to work at its optimum has never been optional, then this is the book for you. The Live Well Diet book will change your concept of weight loss and dieting. The Live Well diet is a lifestyle and a remedy for better living. It’s not about weight loss, it is about:

• Eating smart

• Eating many more meals per day

• Eating right 

• Being active 

• Staying hydrated through the day and …

• Eating, eating, eating

Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor along with Dr Sarita Davare have worked together to put down over 140 recipes that you can choose and combine, mix and match and eat right, through your day. Is this a recipe book? It is not. Is it a diet book? Certainly not. It is both of this and more. This is about living well, now. Forever.

What if we tell you that reading this book will make you lose weight? It will. And it will change the way you look at food and your own lifestyle forever.

Eat. LOSE Weight!

The Live Well Diet is the answer to the increasing demand for a simple, practical and flexible diet and exercise programme which leads to weight loss and inevitably overall fitness and better health. 

 – Dr Sarita Davare

Tried. Tested. WORKING!!!

Specially crafted with health and weight loss in mind, each recipe in this book is distinctive. Welcome to a khazana of food that is simple, rich in flavours, healthfully-balanced, quick to prepare and made from easily available ingredients. 

– Sanjeev Kapoor

About the Authors:

About Dr Sarita Davare

Dr Sarita Davare a leading practitioner of health and wellness management in Mumbai has developed a holistic approach to wellness. Combining the best of traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern medical practice she has discovered a successful solution to the health concerns of her patients. Specialising in pain and weight management; sports injury, and acupuncture for the treatment of chronic ailments, Dr Davare, has helped a large number of patients overcome chronic health disorders. A gold medalist with an MD in Ayurveda, she is the recipient of several awards for her sterling contribution to health management, including the prestigious Rajasthriya Savitri Award in Maharashtra in February 2013. 

  About Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor dominates the Indian culinary scene. Testimony to his stature are: Khana Khazana, the multi-award-winning weekly cookery show, his pioneering 24 x 7 TV channel FOODFOOD, the 3 popular chains of restaurants in India and abroad, his food product line, the innumerable awards he has won including the Best Chef of the Year Award from the Government of India, as well as the over 140 best-selling cookbooks he has written. Over the years chef Kapoor has championed the cause of healthy eating and living, developing recipes that are nutritious, delicious and ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His best-selling titles have educated and delighted countless grateful readers.

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