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Acclaimed Italian tenor Claudio Spotto didn’t expect death threats when he came to New York to sing at the Met and teach at the famed Julius School of Music. But before he has even unpacked his bags, he learns that some nefarious character is threatening to blow him up.

At first, the case looks like a nuisance to seasoned Lieutenant Joe Capobianco. Then dangerous bombs start turning up, and the Mayor’s office brings heavy heat down on the NYPD Bomb Squad commander.

With no margin for error, Capobianco takes the lead himself, only to find that nothing and no one involved in this case can be trusted—including his contact in the Mayor’s office.

Meanwhile, Claudio Spotto’s Metropolitan Opera premier draws closer and the clock ticks on his life. Will the bomber choose to strike at the crowded opera house?

As he works to avert a very public tragedy, Capobianco shockingly realizes that threats to the tenor hint at something much bigger. They echo the blackmail of opera legend Enrico Caruso by The Black Hand—an organized crime syndicate whose ruthless campaign of bombings and extortion launched the Bomb Squad a hundred years ago.

How did the bomber obtain secrets from the past that only a handful of people in the world are supposed to know? Do the bombs really target an Italian opera singer or are they calculated to ruin Capobianco’s career? Most important, will he break open this case before violent death pays a visit to New York’s cultural elite?

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 2
J.E. Fishman
Smashwords, Inc.

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