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The dramatic conclusion to the four novel Obsession Series

Grace Madsen has finally overcome her sexual repression in the arms of nightclub owner Jim Jefferson, but their happy life in Chicago abruptly ends when she sees the grotesque horns of a demon named Lucius Barrington. After insinuating himself into her life and childhood memories, Barrington claims Grace as the Mother of all Evil from whose womb the Anti-Christ will be born. Grace boldly tries to reject her past beliefs and fears, but Barrington continues to haunt her.

By entering into a stricter Master/slave relationship with Jim Jefferson, Grace hopes her fears of satanic possession will recede. In an effort to please the woman he loves, Jefferson agrees to set Grace’s sensuality free by increasing her sessions of discipline and offering her a job as the new Hostess of Obsessions. Jefferson displays his submissive nude in the club, wearing nothing but nipple jewelry, sheer stockings and a penetrating G-String panty. The patrons pass her from lap to lap, fondling and kissing her. She swallows the semen of a young man at the club as Jefferson watches, and she gives oral and anal sex repeatedly to her Dom in order to please him and escape from the hallucinations.

After Jefferson offers information to the CIA about a suspicious Saudi Prince who turns out to be on the Terrorist Watch List, they agree to set up a sting operation to arrest Barrington. With the success of the terrorist mission, Jefferson is given a chance to redeem his law enforcement career as a CIA agent. But right at this crowning moment, a tragedy occurs when Grace discovers her connection to Lucius Barrington. A hard choice remains for Jefferson, whether to go on with his moral life and accept the shattered psyche of the woman he loves or return to his dark “killing place” to do the one thing he can that may restore Grace to sanity.

Fiction & Literature
March 10
Pink Flamingo Media LLC
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