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I never saw anything wrong with my upbringing. My mother was a writer who liked to live on the places she was writing about. Therefore, we moved a lot, only spending no more than two years in each location. Thus, I grew up pretty much alone: homeschooled, no friends, no pets, no real home. The only constant in my life was my mother. As for my father, he died when I was very young and I didn't have a chance to know him. Besides, my mother believed in not talking about the past, so I learned nothing about the man that had contributed to my existence. My mother also didn't believe in technology. As a result I didn't use computers, watched high definition TV, had a cell phone or played video games. So far, I didn't miss it. Maybe one cannot miss something that she hadn't had before. Still the best was yet to come. What I didn't know was that my life was about to change on the day that I turned 16 years old. It felt like a hurricane had destroyed the bubble that had kept me secluded from the world, exposing hidden secrets and untold truths. I met a blue eyed boy named Andes, my mother vanished, and there were people trying to abduct me. To make matters more excited, I started hearing voices or I should say a voice that talked to me during moments of danger. My name is Zara Lizuli and my problems are not caused by the regular hormonal changes in teens. I am not the girl next door either. I don't know who I am because up to my 16th birthday my whole life had been a lie.

Young Adult
May 1
L.B. Molina
Smashwords, Inc.

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