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Android Uprising is a truly fun book of solidly Christian cyberpunk dystopian YA. Den has developed a wonderful series. I’m praying for the Lord to anoint it for the readers.
This is what I hope for with Christian fiction of this type–good entertainment, outrageous speculation, with a solid base of Truth. It’s very difficult to pull off, but Den has done it.
Yes, the anti-Christian haters are certainly going to bash it. Some will call it preachy. But it’s merely truthful in a world built far outside normal reality—having droids figure out the Truth logically demonstrates that step outside reality.In a future where a series of androids known as the Lucid Series are programmed to think for themselves. After being prompted by a teenage boy’s question, they see a different path for mankind. -David Bergsland Review

In a dystopian cyberpunk 2215, in a nation where cloning and robotics are highly advanced, and religion has been long forgotten, a young boy dares to ask, "Is God real?"
The Lucids are a forgotten series of androids that are programmed to protect the truth, even unto war. during their research into the boy's question, they embrace creationism and reject homeland law that banned God long ago . . .

. . . In a dystopian cyberpunk 2215, the former US was fragmented into multiple small countries.
. . . People in the UN proxy state of Homeland are controlled by psychotropic drugs, corrupted education, propaganda and oppressive laws.
In this story . . .
. . . Computer hacking clones are trying to get rich no matter what they have to do.
. . . A garbage collector hates everything about his life and goes rogue.
. . . An entire strain of genetically-engineered children is to be culled because of an imperfection.
. . . A tyrannical government robot unit is led by a ruthless being hiding behind a synthetic presence.
. . . A clone couple is living off of the grid and expecting an illegal child.
. . . A series of androids vow to fight for the truth even to the point of war.
. . . And a boy asks, “Is God real?”
The Lucid series is a unique clean-language novel that has heavy hitting, brutally honest edgy Christian themes and some graphic action.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 2
Unbelievable Universe
Smashwords, Inc.

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