The Lycanthropy Files Box Set The Lycanthropy Files Box Set

The Lycanthropy Files Box Set

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If you like hair-raising mysteries, complex characters, and stories that blend science and magic, then you'll love Cecilia Dominic's Lycanthropy Files series.

Book One - The Wolf's Shadow (originally published as The Mountain's Shadow)

Life as she knew it is over. At the next full moon, the real trouble begins…

Joanie Fisher's career is sabotaged just when she is about to hit the mother lode of all medical discoveries. One step from discovering the origin of a Chronic Lycanthropy Syndrome outbreak and ten steps ahead of other researchers, her hard work was not only paying off, but gaining the wrong kind of attention. She may have been forced to leave her position, but her research follows her to the estate of her missing grandfather.

Ensconced deep in the Ozark Mountains at Wolfsbane Manor, Joanie's life takes another sharp turn. When a sexy werewolf seeks her help, Joanie finds herself in the middle of the mystery of missing local children and a chilling family curse. When Joanie discovers the truth, it may be too late to stop a devastating epidemic with no cure…

Book Two - Long Shadows

Her secret nature has the supernatural world thirsty for her blood. Can she unleash her inner wolf before enemies hound her to her death?

Lonna Marconi never wanted any of this. Struggling to accept her new form as a werewolf, she's desperate to maintain her normal life as a social worker and part-time PI. But when her heightened senses reveal her boss's devious plans, she flees her pack and heads to the mountains to escape capture.

Unable to ditch the hunters on her tail by the time she finds her friends, Lonna fights tooth and nail to protect her kin. And when she awakens from a tranquilizer in the arms of a handsome wizard, she's terrified to discover that she's lost her hidden beast… and her only chance of survival.

Can she claw her way out before evil claims her life?

Book Three - Blood's Shadow

The disease has teeth…but the cure could be deadly.

As Investigator for the Lycanthrope Council, Gabriel McCord went above and beyond his official title to keep werewolf kind out of the public eye. Now he has a new challenge as the liaison to the Institute for Lycanthrope Reversal, advocating for humans turned werewolf against their will.

The Institute's controversial "treatment" is generally accepted – until one of the project's scientists is found murdered at his desk.

The suspect list is long: purists who believe lycanthropism is a non-returnable gift; wolf-borns who want the cure for their own; and the ethereal Selene Rial, an Institute psychologist who's lost her most precious possession to a secret society dedicated to the annihilation of werewolves.

If Gabriel fails to solve this case, the fragile peace between wizards and lycanthropes could shatter, and his friends' lives could be ruined. But even if he succeeds, he has to face the consequences of his heart being pulled in a dangerous direction – a woman whose secrets could destroy them both.

Bonus novella - A Million Shadows

Witches, werewolves, and murder - oh, my!

A billionaire paranormal romance set in Salem, MA. Reluctant werewolf Kyra Ellison has to choose between the old life she desperately wants back and a new love she can't resist.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 27
Cecilia Dominic
Draft2Digital, LLC

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