The Magic and Occult Techniques of Breathing

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The Magic and Occult Techniques of Breathing is an occult manual that explores the magical mysteries of the breath. It is a basic teaching in the magical arts that energy follows thought, but another interesting teaching is that energy follows the breath. In fact, the breath itself is energy. Hence, by learning to control the breath, one can also control magical energy.  What is magical energy? It is the energy that pervades the whole universe. It is inside you and all around you. Everything is made of magical energy. If harnessed effectively, this energy can be used to heal, create, injure, destroy, influence, revitalize, and curse, among many others. As you can see, by learning the magical aspects of breathing, you can exercise great power and magic. 

The Magic and Occult Techniques of Breathing lays down magical theories and universal principles, as well as practical exercises that you can practice in order to learn and master the magical art of breathing. Breathing itself is an interesting activity. It is usually ignored by many, not realizing that their life depends on it. Just imagine: a little breath in this cycle of breathing would mean death. Thanks to the divine and invisible intelligence that makes you breathe even if you pay so little attention to it, or even none at all. 

The Magic and Occult Techniques of Breathing is an excellent magical codex for beginners and intermediate practitioners of the Craft, but even advanced practitioners can also enjoy and learn something from it, as the writing pierces deep into the mysteries of the breath and the magical potential of every human being. 

Are you ready to experience real magic in your life? If yes, then you do not need to look further than the breath. It is natural and is the very foundation of life. By learning to breathe magically, you can also live magically. Do you see the occult significance of breathing? By taking control of how you breathe, you can take control of your life. By making a few changes with your breathing, you can create positive changes in your life. Your life mirrors your breath. This is an old-age occult secret, which only a very few truly understand. 

If you feel ready for this kind of magic and wizardry, then without further ado, let me welcome you into this ancient and divine mystery: the magic of breathing. 

Always with light, and with love, blessed be!

Health, Mind & Body
June 25
Casey White
Draft2Digital, LLC

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