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From the moment Julie sees her best friend, Gavin, in the airport, it’s like no time at all has gone by instead of months and months. No matter how long they’ve been apart, their relationship has always been steady, comfortable, and decidedly just friends. Even though their meddling parents have hung what seems like unlimited amounts of mistletoe everywhere she goes this holiday season, Julie knows some things will never change.

Gavin is well-aware his family’s wanted him and Julie to get together since forever, even though he’s been friend-zoned since they could talk—and he’s been happy to play that role. After all, as the new starting quarterback for the San Antonio Mustangs, he’s got enough on his plate without adding romance to the mix.

But between playing elves in the holiday bazaar to nights spent one-on-one watching rom-coms or soaking in their town’s hot springs, suddenly the “reverse parent trap” they’ve fallen into is actually starting to work. But this could be one scheme where letting themselves get trapped might be way too dangerous.

Each book in the Heart in the Game series is STANDALONE:
* The Wedding Deal
* The Mistletoe Trap

November 16
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

fun and flirty characters

THE MISTLETOE TRAP is the second full-length instalment in Cindi Madsen’s contemporary, adult HEART IN THE GAME romance series focusing on the players and management of the NFL’s San Antonio Mustangs. This is injured quarterback Gavin Frost, and pathologist Julie O’Neill’s story line. THE MISTLETOE TRAP can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Julie and Gavin) THE MISTLETOE TRAP follows the best friends to lovers relationship between quarterback Gavin Frost, and pathologist Julie O’Neill. Best friends since they were toddlers, Julie and Gavin never once crossed the proverbial line of friendship but with the approach of the Christmas holidays all bets are off when their meddling families push our couple together at every opportunity. From costumed elves to an evening of sexy cookie decorating, Gavin and Julie find themselves swirling in the aura of palpable sexual tension but when the parents try and set up Julie with the someone else, Gavin volunteers to teach Julie in the art of seduction, and stop her from blurting out about her most recent pathological examinations. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Gavin and Julie, and the potential fall-out as Gavin struggles between head and heart, and a life without the game that he loves.

The relationship between Julie and Gavin is a best friends to lovers that struggles in the face of denial. Julie refuses to acknowledge there is something than friendship more between our couple as Gavin struggles to keep control of his desire for the woman that calls to his heart. As the parents continue to push the couple together, Julie and Gavin are either oblivious or reluctant to act on their attraction. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. The sexual chemistry is palpable and spirited.

There is a large ensemble cast of colorful and fun secondary and supporting characters including ormer quarterback Lance Quaid and his fiancé Charlotte James (The Wedding Deal #1), as well as several team members including Jason Holt, and Coach Bryant; both Gavin and Julie’s meddling parents, and Gavin’s sister Niki ; family friend Kory Cohen; and a cameo appearance by Gavin’s ex girlfriend Kristen.

THE MISTLETOE TRAP is a reverse take on Disney’s™ The Parent Trap with all of the hijinks and matchmaking schemes to push our couple together. An inter-racial love story wherein Gavin struggles with the potential fall-out of a long distance relationship, and Julie battles the heart break of losing her best friend. The premise is entertaining, engaging and inviting; the characters are fun and flirty; the romance is seductive and captivating.

Terry Louise ,

5 Stars for this laugh-out-loud romance!

Julie and Gavin have been best friends since they were in diapers. Now, he's a quarterback in the NFL and she's a pathologist and they live thousands of miles apart. Even though they still talk or Facetime almost every day, they don't get to see each other in person but a couple of days a year. But this Christmas they'll be able to spend a week together because he's on the injured list. Now all they have to do is dodge their parent's matchmaking, so that their friendship can stay intact.

I just loved Julie ... she's such a nerd and has absolutely no filter! The predicaments she got herself into had me laughing out loud so hard that there were tears running down my face. And then there's Gavin ... I loved how he just got Julie and didn't make her feel like the nerd she was. This is a slow burn that you just know is going to be explosive when they finally give in. Everyone knew Julie and Gavin belonged together ... but Julie and Gavin. If you're looking for a good laugh ... I highly recommend this book!

I received an early copy courtesy of Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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