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Even among people who would never subscribe to its more dramatic claims, the "Eurabia" movement has popularized a set of seemingly common-sense assumptions about Muslim immigrants to the West: that they are disloyal, that they have a political agenda driven by their faith, that their nhigh reproduction rates will soon make them a majority. These beliefs are poisoning politics and community relations in Europe and North America--and have led to mass murder in Norway. Rarely challenged, these claims have even slipped into the margins of mainstream politics. 
Doug Saunders believes it's time to debunk the myth that immigrants from Muslim countries are wildly different and pose a threat to the West. Drawing on voluminous demographic, statistical, scholarly and historical documentation, Saunders examines the real lives and circumstances of Muslim immigrants in the West: their politics, their beliefs, their observances and their degrees of assimilation. In the process he shatters the core claims that have built a murderous ideology and draws haunting historical parallels showing how the same myths stuck to earlier groups, such as Jews and Roman Catholics. His work will become a vital handbook in the culture wars that threaten to dominate North American and European elections and media discussions in 2012 and afterwards, and will provoke considerable debate over the actual nature of our polyglot societies.

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August 21
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ernbod ,

Cant see the woods for the trees!

This book should be in the fiction section. It lacks any kind of scholarship or even cursory observation. Cant see the woods for the trees. "There are none so blind as those who will not see"
He says "theology is not the issue here…" Islam would not be an issue anywhere if it were not for the theology of the militant Islamists, not the average Muslim. Unfortunately the theology if the few dominates the theology of the masses. Pretending this is not the case does change the reality that the theology says "accept Islam or die"

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