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Three hot stories of horny, debauched female college students. They smart, sexy young women, and they want it - now!

This red-hot bundle includes:

Locker Room Spies - Terry and Walter sneak a spy camera into the women's locker room just in time to catch the swim team undress. The lithe, beautiful bodies are dripping wet, and the guys think they've hit the jackpot. When the ladies find the hidden device, they drag the guys down to the locker room for some well-earned punishment. How far will Terry and Walter go to satisfy the team's needs?

Professor Dick - Dr Richard Robinson has been a biology teacher for only a couple for years, but he's already bored; he barely notices the students in his class other than scoping out  the hot freshman girls as he drones through his lectures. So he can't help but notice the two girls in the lecture hall who sit at eye level, and wear shorter and shorter skirts every day, giving him a real eyeful. It's a nice distraction until they catch him staring, and threaten to complain to the administration. But Carrie and Cassie don't want justice: they want a biology lesson of their own, and now  there isn't much that Professor Dick can do about giving them exactly what they need.

Reamed by the Team - Research is getting stale and boring for Mary Bowen, a lab tech at Blusher College. Every week, it's the same thing: give the samples to the volunteers, observe their reactions, and take measurements. She's dying for something new and exciting to happen. The new project promises a more interesting time: one of the things she has to measure is the effect on the test subjects' bodies, including their... length. And her first subjects are all big, muscular starters on the basketball team. But whatever she's giving them, it has a surprisingly strong effect, and now Mary has five of these oversized bad boys to deal with. And this experiment has effects on the subjects' minds, too: they're not going to take a twenty dollar gift certificate as payment. No, they want a lot more, and Mary is the only one there who can give it to them...

Fiction & Literature
July 26
Belle Presse
Draft2Digital, LLC

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