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When a white slave owner's wife decides to spend the night with three black slaves, the entire area is changed to crave big black men... This hot bundle pulls together the Plantation 1, 2 and 3 into one extremely hot trilogy.

The Plantation

Samson is a slave to a brutal and unfaithful plantation owner. When he prevents his owner from slapping his beautiful white wife, he is punished badly. Susan, the owner's wife is compelled to help Samson while at the same time getting revenge on her cheating husband. She locks herself up in a barn with Samson and two black slaves as a way of showing gratitude. Can she handle 3 big black slaves?

Warning! This 11,130 word erotic story contains explicit scenes of three big black males and one white female and includes: double penetration, triple penetration, anal creampies, creampies and impregnation and more as Susan uses every part of her body to thank the big black slaves for their service.

The Plantation II

Anne Meckling and her husband, Bill are plantation owners next to another plantation owned by Susan and John. When the two couples head out to an auction to buy more plantation workers, Susan lets her friend in on a little secret... she's seen the magnificent rod of not just one black man, but three. Anne is shocked and surprised that her neighbor, and more importantly her friend has not only seen one of her worker's manhood but she's gone a few steps further with three of them. Anne warns Susan of the dangers of her actions and heads back home with her husband after buying 4 new workers for the plantation.

On her ride there, a voice whispers to her, the black man's curse. Unbeknownst to Anne, Susan had blamed another worker to protect the three black men she had experienced. As he was led away, he laid a curse on the lands, claiming that all the plantation owners' wives will crave their black workers. When Anne arrives home, the curse slowly takes over her until she can no longer hold it in. She heads out to the small farm holding their 4 newly bought big black workers.

Once there, she has quite the encounter and an experience she would never be able to have with her husband.  But is her insatiable hunger a match for the never ending endurance of the 4 big black men?

The Plantation III

Susan and Anne have both experienced the power of their big black slaves, but as a drought hits the South, their husbands are constantly at home. When Susan visits Anne, the two begin talking about the feelings of pleasure they experienced and soon realize that they both crave more. The two devise a plan to use a small secluded area owned by Anne's husband to bring their slaves and have a bit of a party on their own.

Both white wives agree to bring four of their strongest black slaves and share them between each other to experience pleasure beyond their wildest imaginations. Before their pleasures get the best of them, they need to make sure their plan is airtight, with no room for error. Can the two white wives get their favorite black slaves away for an intense night of passion?

Fiction & Literature
December 21
Trevon Carter
Draft2Digital, LLC

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