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When twelve year old crippled, friendless Andrew Yeager is advanced from the sixth to the eleventh grade in his California school, he finds himself immediately alienated by his classmates. His extraordinary IQ, coupled with the fact that he wears a brace on one leg makes him an easy target for the class 'jocks' who bully him relentlessly about being a 'smart-ass geek and probably a fairy to boot'. However, at the end of the dreadful school year, everything changes for Andrew when his father inherits a multi-million dollar estate in the mountains of northern Georgia.
The family flies to Georgia to investigate the incredible estate and during their exploration, Andrew and his father discover a beautiful but strange pond in a forest on the property. Andrew is forbidden to swim in the pond until his father can have a sample carefully evaluated. However, the boy surrenders to an overwhelming urge and disobeys his father. As he enters the pond, he is surprised to find the water very warm, and he soon experiences a strange tingling sensation all over his body. Unnerved by the strange experience he leaves the pond and returns home. During the night he awakens and through his window, which looks out in the direction of the pond, he sees an eerie violet light glowing faintly where the pond must be.
Early the following morning he goes again to investigate. He is disappointed to find no light, yet having grown comfortable with the tingling in the water, he swims to the pond's bottom where he does see an eerie violate light. Swimming close, curiosity overrides caution and he extends a hand toward the light. The tingling sensation he felt on the surface suddenly increases to such an extent that he jerks his hand away and shoots to the surface, terrified. However, after careful consideration he knows he has to further investigate and returns to the bottom. Swimming close, he again extends his hand toward the strange light. As the tingling increases dramatically he tries to withdraw his hand, but to his horror he feels himself being rapidly drawn into the light. In the terrifying moments that follow, he finds himself falling into a nightmarish phenomenon that will forever alter his young life.
An eternity later, he awakens to finds himself floating on the surface of what he assumes to be the same pond. However, he is immediately accosted by a pretty blond girl who angrily informs him that he is swimming in 'her pond' and he is trespassing on private property. In the ensuing conversation with the girl, Karina, he quickly understands that he is not in his world, but in some kind of parallel reality. Soon realizing that something truly magical is afoot, the two youngsters quickly develop a shared curiosity as to how Andrew can put his hand into a strange light and end up in another world. She says that her friend and guardian, Werner, had a similar experience six years before, and he will surely be able to explain the strange phenomenon.
In the hours that follow his meeting with Werner and Karina's seven foot tall personal android, Andrew learns, to his delight, that Werner is not only an American scientist, but is also the grandfather he has never known. Werner further relates how he accidently preceded Andrew into this parallel world six years before, following the creation and firing a monster laser that created the pond. He believes the light in the pond is a true Einstein-Rosen Bridge that is the link between their parallel worlds.
Over the days that follow, Andrew and his new friends find themselves in a race against time to save both their worlds from destruction. If they fail in their attempt to prevent an evil military group from gaining control of the ‘space-warp bridge’, both of their worlds could face ultimate destruction.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 15
Rodd Dana
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