The Power of Christ in YOUR Life

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There is no greater personal power in the world today than the power of Christ (God's power). Christ's power is reality and transformation, life-changing power to conquer any sinful habit or negative attitude. Through the telling of dramatic and miraculous stories of Christ's active power for 2000 years, including his own ministry, Angel shows us how anyone can have Christ's power to conquer addictions and hatreds. And how anyone can have great faith in God and power to pray for physical and mental healing and needed miracles. From a study of the New Testament and the Church, new and old around the world, it is clear that God wants the power of Christ to be active in every believer's life. Christ's life-changing power has transformed and healed people everywhere in the world. Angel tells us how anyone can have Christ's spiritual and personal power in their lives today!

 Warren R. Angel mounts convincing arguments that Jesus Christ was no peasant cynic traveling around the Judean and Galilean countrysides spouting witticisms and doing magic tricks to fool the naive and foolish into believing that they should follow him. For Jesus was born of a virgin by the power of God to bring God's love and compassion to a poor and needy world. Some think Jesus' miracles were done to reveal his power as the Son of God. But the Gospels tell us plainly that Jesus healed the sick and cast out demons and multiplied fish and bread because he was filled with compassion for poor and suffering people. Angel encourages his readers to believe that they too can have this same power and compassion for the people of God's world as they minister in the name of Jesus Christ.

 For the compassion of Christ is a demonstration of the love God has for the people of his world. This is also seen in the death and resurrection of Christ, who was raised to life in God's power. Jesus said his crucifixion was for the people of the world, who can be freed from sin and live in the treasures of heaven through faith in him.

 And so Jesus' followers in the first century carried this message of Christ to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and into every part of the Mediterranean world. It was not by words alone, but by the power of Christ that useless bodies were restored to health and hateful people like Saul became people of compassion and love, in turn bringing the message of salvation and healing and miracles in the power of Christ to thousands.

Some people in the Church today think miracles stopped at the end of the Apostolic Age, but they are not telling us the truth. Angel shows us how the power of Christ is still alive in our world and has been throughout the history of the Church. People like the great Roman emperor Constantine, early Church historian Eusebius, and Augustine all tell of miracles, some of nature, some of battles, and some of healing in their lives. Angel also tells of miracles in modern times, miracles of things lost and found, rain stopped from destroying his church, and teeth and eyes being healed. And not just in his church, but around the world today―even rock stars who give glory to God for great miracles!

 Angel also points out that while the power of Christ is available to every believer, it is neither magic, as some liberal thinkers would have us believe, nor "confession," as the prosperity teachers falsely claim. The power of Christ is both the power of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. And God wants to see everyone who believes in Jesus Christ to be filled with his power to minister life and healing to the people of his world.

Religion & Spirituality
December 17
Warren R. Angel
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