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The Power of Self, once natural and intimate to man speaks of the internal flame burning with the intensity of a time when humankind embraced power with a force that speaks to God and nature. It was natural for man to breathe the energy of the gods into the lungs, as the evolving of thought manifested upon mans entire existence. Also bestowed upon man, was enlightenment, which on occasion was re-ignited to conquer and consume darkness of thought. In the midst of standing within the shadows of doubt and fear, the light that resonated inward was set free upon the soil from which thought springs forth. Within the vastness of the universe, nature taunts man to reconnect to a forgotten power, as the fluttering wings of the butterfly, soaring above the winds of change, is likened to the phoenix rising from the ashes only to emerge with renewed spirit and hope. Whispers of generations past tap into the conscious of a people connected to all that isin the stillness of the moment, they await another sign. Foretelling of things to come within the skies, the rainforest echos the cries of the ancestors warnings. They communicate telepathicallyno words spoken, the energy spoke for them instead. Connecting with nature, while giving homage to the trees firmly rooted within the earth's surface, the spark within man began to dim, the I am would venture deep within the psyche of man. Why and how did man lose touch with the essence of such a powerful inner strength? Is it possible to transform thinking to connect to the I am? The Power of Self is not just a book about transforming and evolving; this book is about intimacy with self, far beyond merely knowing self, which is key to becoming more aware and self-empowered.

Health, Mind & Body
January 18

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