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In this publication, Apostle Frequency Revelator contends that the gift of tongues is one of the most powerful gifts bequeathed upon a New Testament believer. Tongues are not we speaking but the Spirit speaking using our voice. The words come from the Holy Spirit and it says here, he who speaks in tongues speaks in mystery. If you will know the value of speaking in tongues, you will speak all the time. If we realize how much wisdom flows when our mouth speaks in tongues, we will never again neglect speaking in tongues. But we have to move deeper, as we say there are different qualities of speaking in tongues and different levels; we have to move into the level where the interpretation starts flowing.

In this publication, Apostle Frequency Revelator expounds revelations of what tongues are, the types of tongues, various categories of tongues as well as the impact of praying in tongues. He reveals that speaking in tongues consistently builds your faith and edifies you. It is an effective means of spiritual communication with the Lord and allows you to communicate at the highest level with God; it transcends the natural mind or intellect. It is communication that is beyond the throes and frailties of the earth realm. It activates the power of the Holy Ghost in you and grants you the ability to command angels to perform certain ministerial tasks. Therefore, the reading of this book will enlighten you on the power of speaking in tongues so that you can tap into that realm. If you could only dedicate a minimum of just one hour a day to pray in tongues, you will experience torrents of breakthroughs in every area of your life, to the glory of God!

Presiding over a Global Network of Apostolic and Prophetic Visions, in the capacity of the C.E.O of Global Destiny Publishing House (Pty) Ltd, Director of the Global Apostolic & Prophetic Network (GAP), Founder of Resurrection Embassy (The Global Church), the Pioneer of Resurrection TV (The Dead-Raising Channel ) and the Principal of the renowned Global School of Signs and Wonders (GSSW), in this publication, Apostle Frequency Revelator has endeavored to unveil and unpack divine revelation that Speaking in tongues prepares a fertile ground for your inward man to show up as it refreshes your spirit.

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January 11
Frequency Revelator
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