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Princess Brianna of Tullymullagh is determined to marry only for love—until her father’s holding is conquered and the king decrees that she must wed one of the victor’s sons. Thinking she can outwit this condition, Brianna issues a challenge: the son who brings her a gift that makes her laugh will win her hand.

Thus begins the Bride Quest of the three brothers Fitzgavin.

Burke and Rowan, knights both, ride out on Brianna’s quest, each intent upon triumph. Only Luc refuses to participate, for he knows that a princess had no place in the life of a battle-weary warrior like himself. Brianna is not inclined to accept his refusal—she tempts him and awakens his slumbering senses with her alluring beauty and her sweet kisses. Luc has sworn to lay down his sword forever—until he is the sole one who can defend the fair maiden who has claimed his shielded heart.

August 24
Deborah A. Cooke
Deborah A. Cooke

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Maria Rose Dariots ,

The Quest for a Princess 's Hand

The Princess -The Bride Quest book 1
by Claire Delacroix

One Princess three brothers and a quest!

Princess Briana's home castle has been conquered and by the Kings decree must marry one of the sons of Gavin Fitzgerald. Brianna who has no wish to marry for convenience or to make the King happy wishes to marry for love. She comes up with a quest- the one who'll bring her an object that will make her laugh will have her hand in marriage......of the three who will win her hand?

Luc, Burke, Rowan of the three two rush to deliver Brianna's quest but Luc had seen to much of battle and wants nothing more than just a simple quiet life. He doesn't feel worthy of the beautiful Briana but every time she's near him her beauty and stolen kisses take his breath away and awakens a heart that he thought dead a long time ago.

But evil lurks in halls of the castle and Luc must do all in his power to keep Briana safe.
Intrigue and deceit keep you turning the pages with the anticipation to find the evil doers!
Well written and interesting read, a fairy tale twist of a story!

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