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I have written this book to help guide you through the maze of information that you will find about diets that focus on prostate health. There is much to learn about what is good for your prostate and what harms it.

Too much information about diets invades our lives and much of it is contradictory! Well-meaning advisors often have a particular diet that worked for them, and they think that they have found the answer for everyone. Others center their diets on “scientific findings” that are often based on critical assumptions, which turn out to be incorrect.

So how are you to know what to do? And why is this diet book any different from those I critique?

I will teach you how to find what works for you, and it will be customized for your unique body. There is no one diet for everyone!

In my quest to heal my enlarged prostate condition without drugs or surgery, I tried all kinds of excellent advice—or so I thought—and it didn't work!

It wasn't until later on, after 8 years, that I finally discovered the lessons and secrets to success that I am going to share with you here.

This book focuses on diet and distills the important information about diet so you can prevent prostate problems in the first place and can heal them if you have a condition.

Our diets, in the broad sense of the word, include all of our inputs and are the single most important issue to ensure our health and our prostate health in particular. Why? Because the prostate gland has many important functions.

Perhaps its most crucial one is to protect the sperm from toxins by removing them and storing them in the prostate itself. Those toxins then affect your prostate health and can lead to prostate disease.

Because of the avalanche of toxins in our modern diets, prostate conditions have exploded in the West over the past decades to a level that will affect most men at some point in their lives.

You can ignore that sad state of affairs or be proactive in prevention. I wish I knew decades ago what you are about to read here!

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August 22
Ronald M Bazar
Ronald M Bazar

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