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A hot erotic tale of four dressmakers who enjoy pushing each other to their sexual limits. Now they need to add another girl to their group and their bed, but who will be able to handle their nightly desires as well as the needs of the queen? Will a priestess schooled in the forbidden pleasures be the one? Now if only they can keep the king out of their bedchambers! “Is this to your liking, Miss? Fine, quality stitching, that. A gown fit for a duchess!” Tashan tossed the dress aside. “Fit for a stable hand, you mean. I’ve seen better stitching on a jousting wound.” The old woman drew back, her wrinkled face collapsing into a glare. “Fine manners for a servant of Her Highness,” the old lady said. “Nothing wrong with the dress, do pardon my saying so. Don’t take your ill mood out on an old woman trying to earn her day’s bread.” “I’m sorry,” Tashan repented. “It’s fine, you’re right. It’s not what I’m looking for, is all.” Nothing in the marketplace was what she was looking for, it seemed. Not for the last three months. “What is it you seek, then, if not a fine garment?” “I seek a dressmaker.” Tashan’s head lay heavy in her hands. Why her? She had no idea how to look for Ista’s replacement beyond checking the marketplace stalls, and that approach was obviously fruitless. Where else could she look? There was no guild for seamstresses and she’d be mobbed with candidates if she made a formal announcement. The queen is going to have me beheaded, she thought miserably. “You mean you seek a royal dressmaker?” Tashan gave her a suspicious look, but the old woman leaned in closer, her voice low. “I’ve seen you here every market day for months. You search the stalls, you finger the garments, and you never buy.” She shook a gnarled finger in Tashan’s direction. “You seek a dressmaker for the queen.” Caution! The Queen’s Dressmakers is an 18+ short story containing explicit language and graphic sexual situations including male/female, multiple females, anal, and female masturbation. About the Author: Jolene Kendry is an erotica author and full time beach bum. She spends her days on the sandy shores of the world’s best beaches, and her nights writing down her daydreams and fantasies. She eats too many crab cakes, spends too much time in the sun, and owns more bikinis than t-shirts.

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April 26
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