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Sean loves Halloween and he loves ghost stories even more. Sean’s not afraid of anything - until his Grandad tells him the terrifying story of his disappearing uncle and the terrible secret of Dancer’s Well!
When you buy a Ballyyahoo book you get to visit the world of Ballyyahoo website directly from the eBook - all free!
The site is packed with stories, photographs, background information about the characters, animals, nature, and of course, the magic of Ballyyahoo.
Sean lives in Ballyyahoo, a tiny, magical town on the Wild Atlantic Way coast of Ireland. He loves all things Halloween, especially ghost stories.
Sean reads his ghostly stories every single night until his mother catches him reading with his torch and bans him from reading any more scary stories.
Angry, he runs all the way to his Grandad’s house, even though it’s dark, and even though it’s Halloween.
Sean isn’t scared of anything, at least not until his Grandad tells him the scariest story he’s ever heard. His family has been keeping a secret. A terrifying secret! The secret of an uncle he knew nothing about and the sad secret of a dancing girl and a terrifying haunted well. This is one Halloween Sean will never forget.

‘Just in time for Halloween! This book brought back so many fond memories. As a child there was nothing I'd love more than a spooky tale. Whether it was under the bedsheets with a flash light, or sitting around a camp fire. One things for sure, your kids are going to love this book. I read it with my grand daughter and now we're hooked. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of Grace Jolliffe's Ballyyahoo series!’ - LORELIE ROZZANO

Don't buy your kids sweets this Halloween; if you want to treat them, buy them this book instead. It's a great, spooky yarn with a brave hero they can identify with, it's easy to read, and the atmosphere builds to a satisfying conclusion which they will just love, and so will you.’ - ALI ISAAC

Grace Jolliffe grew up in Liverpool but now lives on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. She lives with her husband, two dogs, ten hens, five lucky ducks and a large group of frogs. Grace loves gardening and blogs about her efforts to tame her wild Galway garden on her 'grace likes to garden' site.

Grace loves walking around the wonderful Wild Atlantic Way. Her love of nature and its natural magic inspires her Ballyyahoo series of children's stories and you can visit this magical town and read some free stories on the 'Ballyyahoo' website. She writes all the articles and stories for her sites and takes all her own photographs.
Grace spends most of her time making up stories, and after spending many years in various soul-sucking office jobs, she happily admits she finds the fictional world preferable to the office world. She used to write for a children's radio show until the show was axed and the writing team replaced with a talking dog. This motivated her to find a new outlet for her work and so she began adapting her children's stories and publishing them on Amazon.

Grace also writes thrillers and black comedy for adults. She has written for television and radio, written and directed documentaries, as well as several award winning short films.
Grace's first novel, a crime thriller called 'Piggy Monk Square,' was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, optioned for film, and broadcast on RTE's Book On One.
Grace also has a website for creative writers with information, tips and exercises for writers. If you are interested in creative writing you can download your own free creative writing tracker to keep you motivated at her practical creative writing site.

Grace loves to keep in touch with her readers, so catch up with her at Grace Jolliffe on Google+ or, Grace Jolliffe on Facebook.

October 23
Grace M. Jolliffe
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