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Hannah has spent years battling vampires to avenge her sister’s death and protect the lives of friends and family. With her mate at her side, they’ve battled countless threats from the blood sucking leeches.

But the vampire uprising is relentless.

With the ancient and powerful, Calissa, creating more deadly beasts daily, Hannah and the recruits are slowly losing the war.

Until fate brings a gift - Nathaniel, a priest turned vampire.

Nathaniel may have been Calissa’s second in command, but with his soul restored and the love of former stripper, Clementine, he’s determined to help the recruits destroy Calissa and forever end the uprising.

Dangers lurk around every corner, and as the final battle descends on them, Hannah, Will, and the recruits must fight for their lives… and all of humanity.

Author's Note: This book is NOT a stand alone in the series. You MUST read Books one to five BEFORE reading this book.

March 11
Elizabeth Kelly
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Closet Romace Junkie ,

Great action packed end to the recruit series!

Clementine is a sweet girl doing what she has to in order to survive while struggling with her self worth. Despite the horrid first meeting between Clem and Nathaniel, the attraction is intense and undeniable. Nathaniel’s soft and sweet side truly balance out his vicious, strong abilities.

The power of the love between the facilities new and existing couples continued to amaze and capture my heart. The unconditional, passionate connection is unbreakable, and when vampires threatened to hurt their partners, the raw power and need to protect each other was all consuming. Elizabeth Kelly’s writing brought me into to the story - on the edge of my seat during the fight scenes and equally captivated by the steamy passionate scenes. Sad to see the series end.

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