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The Red Series by Lily Freeman. Available for the first time as a boxset.

Book one: A Little Band of Red.

Polly Jayne Lester’s life was falling apart. Between her cheating fiancé and her narcissistic boss, she could see no way out. That was until fate intervened, allowing PJ to abandon her old life and start a new one in London.

It’s there, in a bondage club that she meets Master Luke Monroe, a gorgeous, charismatic Dom who’s determined to claim her. And he does, until the illusion he so effortlessly creates for her is shattered when she discovers he’s a sadist, known for his cold-hearted brutality.

Despite their differences, neither of them can deny the attraction. As PJ slowly surrenders to Luke, she begins to explore the side of him that once terrified her, all under the watchful eyes of her neighbors, Mika and Elliot, the other two men who have come to mean so much.

Book two: Fire in the Blood.

When tensions mount between the three unquestionably alpha males in PJ’s life, she’s caught in the middle. With Luke’s sexual demands intensifying, Elliot’s dominating behavior becoming more and more evident, and Mika, charming a little more of her affections each day, her precious new life starts to unravel. 

At every turn as she tries to stop it, she meets resistance; from one man who wants to control her, and from another who wants to possess her, until eventually PJ’s had enough. 

But there’s always a price to pay for freedom, and as she’s about to discover, sometimes that price is far too high.

Book three: To Catch a Flame.

After the volatile demise of her relationship, PJ’s determined to claim her new found independence back, but back from who? Mika and Elliot have moved into her home, and her bed—stripping her bare and stealing her heart, though it’s a love she can never have. 

Or can she?

What they’ve hidden from her is the sweetest betrayal, and she can no longer fight the pull toward them. But something’s not right. 

It’s subtle at first, a word, a gesture, a pair of handcuffs—an exchange of power. Despite her trepidation, PJ’s connection to them allows her to rediscover things about herself that Luke tried to destroy, and she does until she’s faced with yet another soul-breaking ultimatum.

Secrets and lies, wants and needs.  Again, PJ finds herself completely bound by someone else's desires, only this time there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This time, she’s forced to face her fears, or lose her chance to be with the two men who were always meant to be hers.

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