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She's my sister's best friend.

She thinks I've never noticed her.

She couldn't be more wrong.

Now I just need to prove it to her...before she says "I do."

You know that phrase "the one who got away"?

Well, Brooklyn Tanner is mine.

My worst mistake.

My biggest regret.

My one true love.

But as much as I wish I could take back everything I've done to hurt her, the truth remains...

I don't deserve her.

That doesn't make our situation any easier, though. After all, she's my sister's best friend. Not to mention, she buried any animosity she held toward me and helped raise my two little girls when my ex split without a single glance back.

But when I learn the man she's been dating has proposed, I'm faced with a decision.

Do I finally tell Brooklyn the reason I betrayed her trust all those years ago?

Or do I watch her marry another man to protect her from suffering any more heartache?

Find out today in this angst-filled second chance, best friend's brother romance today!

This box set includes:

.5 - Promise: A Redemption Duet Prologue

1. Commitment

2. Redemption

April 8
Carpe Per Diem, Inc / Tracy Kellam
Carpe Per Diem, Inc

Customer Reviews

Terry Louise ,

4 1/2 Stars for this second...third...fourth chance romance!

Brooklyn and Drew ... talk about a slow burn! They are destined to be together even though life played hard lessons on them. Brooklyn always thought of others before herself. The only thing she could not get over was, when she was 15, Drew not showing up at her house the morning he was leaving to start his hockey career. I just don't understand that if Drew wanted to be with her so much ... that after so many years, why didn't he just tell her the reason he didn't show. I really love it when there are kids in a book and Drew's two girls were just little sweeties. And then there's Wes ... I can certainly see why Brooklyn couldn't make up her mind because he was also a rich hunk with a heart of gold. I highly recommend this book!

I received a copy courtesy of the author in exchange for a honest review.

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