The Secret Circle Jerk 2

His Dark Designs (Gay Warlock Erotica)

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Publisher Description

THE SECRET CIRCLE JERK 2: HIS DARK DESIGNS features titillating descriptions of explicit gay sex, anal sex, oral sex, masturbation, dubious consent, and paranormal erotica.

3866 Words.


The interior of the club was dark and smoky and a bass beat throbbed from somewhere nearby, pulsing through my head and torso as I weaved my way through sweaty bodies writhing against each other. The dark stranger turned to look at me again but I still couldn’t see his face through the inky blackness of his hood. He was male. That was obvious due to his bare, chiseled chest but he was dressed in tight-fitting leather pants, dark boots, and a long, flowing cloak with a hood that swathed his head in mystery.

I shouldered my way through more dancers, desperate to reach him. The hooded man turned a corner and slithered from view. I shoved, not caring whom I disturbed, and barreled my way through the crowd. A red light emanated from the hallway into which the stranger had disappeared and I paused at the corner before proceeding.

This new hallway was empty of people but impossibly long. I caught a glimpse of my quarry as he turned another corner. The red light pulsed with the rhythm of the muted music and only served to heighten my frustration. I sprinted down the corridor to shorten the distance and drew up to a brisk walk as I neared the next junction. The stranger had turned left and I peered around the turn carefully.

He stood about ten feet away, facing me. I froze as I peered at the shadow of his face. He placed his hands, palms flat, against his taut six-pack and slid them up to his bulging pecs before beckoning to me with his right forefinger.

Sound faded even further into the background as I felt compelled to step into this unknown man’s full view. My cock leapt against the denim of my dark jeans. I hadn’t worn underwear to the club, hoping against hope that I’d find a forbidden encounter in a back hallway. The dark man motioned with his hands and my leather jacket fell to the floor, exposing my lean, muscular torso. He was bigger and stronger than I was and I felt a driving hunger – a hunger I’d never known before – for him to be inside of me.

It seemed as though I glided across the floor toward him. He placed one hand on my shoulder and the other on my face. I felt my magic swell in my chest even as his hands began to glow with a scarlet energy, leaving sparks where he touched my gooseflesh.

I cried out as waves of pain and pleasure coursed through my body. My nipples throbbed in the cool air and my sweet gland pulsed deep in my loins, causing my engorged glans to force my foreskin down as precum puddle in my jeans.

“Who are you?” I panted.

He let out a low, gravelly chuckle and asked, “Do you want me inside of you?”

Another crackle of scarlet leapt from his hands into my cheek and chest and I convulsed. My mind raced and I struggled to put together coherent thoughts. I could think of nothing but my aching uncut member and my hungry opening.

I nodded and begged him with ragged breath to fuck me.

Fiction & Literature
October 24
Jacki Toff
Draft2Digital, LLC

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