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“Bill you have done very well at helping people in the journey of hearing God, validating listening, imagining, etc. The intimacy that you have with Father God is very captivating.” —Steve Long, Senior Pastor, Catch the Fire Toronto

“The Secret Place by Bill Dupley calls to mind the rich devotional lives of influential believers through the ages—Thomas Kelly, Theresa of Avila, Catherine of Genoa. Bill’s “secret place” is clearly the secret to his remarkable life and ministry. Descriptions of his personal intimacy with Father God will catch some by surprise; it will foster a fresh hunger in many, as it did in me, for a renewal of my own secret place. Few twenty-first century believers demonstrate the supernatural in such a “natural” humble way in their everyday lives as Bill does. His life is clearly a “trailer” for the kingdom." —Fred Fulford, Pastoral Theology Director, Summit Pacific College, Abbotsford, BC

“How encouraging to realize that God is totally interested in the everyday details of our life and whenever we choose to be led by Him rather than by our own understanding, the results are phenomenal and never failing. Thank you, Bill, for sharing your journey of intimacy with the Lord. You really are a beloved son and a forerunner for others. I was so blessed by reading the words from the Lord to you—absolutely amazing—and the exercises are so realistic, relevant…I want to do them myself!” —Mary Audrey Raycroft, Founder of Releasers of Life Equipping Ministry

“Through this book Bill opens a door into heaven and says ‘come up here.’ Then we discover we were already seated there and didn’t know it! The book does not call us to replicate his experience but to have our own, and gives us practical ways of opening the doors to our hearts and engaging with our Heavenly Father, whom we discover loves us in a way beyond what most of us have dared believe. I sense that Abba Father is looking forward to encounters with his children which will come as they...

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April 29
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