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Many organizational leaders may not even realize that most of their strategic decisions are made without accurate or full information. And yet more than 40 years of socio-economic research indicate that around 40% of what happens economically in organizations is not taken into consideration by traditional accounting. This lack of information affects an organization's effectiveness by turning organizational functions into dys-functions which leads to hidden costs. Socio-economic research shows that average hidden costs are more than $20,000 per employee per year.

Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM) is a different way to lead and manage organizations — or to put simply steer them. What differentiates SEAM from traditional management? First, SEAM focuses on both the people and economic sides of the workplace. Second, SEAM identifies and reduces hidden costs through engaging employees and developing their potential. The results are increased efficiency and profitability, sustainable organizational development, and higher employee engagement.

SEAM was developed in France and is little known in the US. This book provides a sound introduction to SEAM for the English-speaking audience. The book will be of interest for organizational leaders and managers who search new ideas, techniques, and tools to increase the efficiency of their organizations. The book will also be beneficial for change management and HR practitioners.

Readership: Graduate students and practitioners interested in organizational management and change.
Keywords:Socio-Economic Management;SEAM;Management;Organizational Effectiveness;Human PotentialReview:Key Features:Provides a comprehensible English introduction to a socio-economic approach to management and organizational change, which was developed in FranceSummarizes socio-economic theory and describes the essential socio-economic management toolsIncludes the experience of American consultants who have implemented SEAM in different types of organizations, industries, and US states

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