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All 3 of Belle Carlyle's hit tentacle stories bundled together in 1 discounted collection. Titles included are, "The Doctor's Tentacle Experiment," "The Tentacle's Sacrifice," and "Tentacle Island."

The Doctor's Tentacle Experiment: Douglas is content to go to work and come home, busying himself with endless research and experiments. His rival, Dr. Hallow, is more hands-on with his own work, but one day he needs help. Douglas finds himself an unwitting volunteer in his research, paired with a strange South American plant. The unfamiliar vines seem drawn to Douglas’s body heat, wanting as much of his warmth as they can get, and Douglas finds himself unable to resist.

The Tentacle's Sacrifice: Saber, the grandson of the village chief, has reached his twentieth year and must undergo a series of trials in order to enter manhood. For his thirteenth trial, he must face and slay a beast in the community’s coliseum, something that he is confident he can do. He isn’t afraid of the so-called monster, believing it to be as harmless as ivy. But he doesn’t understand that the strange plant has animal-like instincts, and urges that only Saber can fulfill as he becomes a man.

Tentacle Island: Evan is taken on a cruise by his girlfriend and he plans to propose to her, but the night that he intends to take the plunge, he is left behind at a small village port. He is forced to spend the night at a tiny motel at the edge of the village and forest, but no one warns Evan of the forest’s active nightlife, nor of the unique tropical plant that lives just outside his room...

Fiction & Literature
February 3
Victoria Scarlett
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