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Publisher Description

• Dramatic and exciting retelling of a timeless Bible story

• Excellent evangelistic tool

• Breathtaking artwork makes the story come alive

• Realistic art and text give the Genesis story validity

God always has a plan; God always has a man. The plan: destroy the wickedness of the world. The man: Noah. How would you feel if you knew that God was going to destroy the world, and you had been chosen out of millions of people to continue the human race? This book is not just Sunday school material for kids, but the thrilling adventure of Noah comes to life through the dazzling, detailed illustrations and the exciting True Story of Noah’s Ark. The images of the interior of Noah’s ark are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The people and cities depicted here are certainly more advanced than what you’ve been led to believe - these people weren’t cavemen! They invented metals and musical instruments; they were skilled craftsmen; they built grand cities - all BEFORE the Flood. And this is not fiction - it’s all biblically and historically based. This book can be a fantastic evangelistic tool because it comes directly from the multi-media presentation of author Tom Dooley, who uses it to witness to multitudes of people across America every week.

Young Adult
May 1
New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.
New Leaf Publishing Group

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The True Story of Noah's Ark by Tom Dooley

A brilliant book and excellent addition to our home library. It gave food for thought and was beautifully illustrated. You will not be sorry for purchasing it.

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