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Fifty Shades Pinker

(The Ultimate Sissy)

When Sheila discovers her infertile and "dick-less" husband will never give her the children she wants, she and her husband's best friend conspire to use BDSM methods of humiliation to turn him into the true sissy boy he was meant to be. Sheila then demonstrates for the new sissy boy how a real woman makes love with a real man, as he is forced to watch them.

(Warning: This adults only story is so hot, your E-Reader might melt. It features Sissy Boy Sex, Feminization, Sissification, Crossdressing, Cuckolding, BDSM Humiliation, CBT, and more! All characters are over 18.)


I came to in the guest bedroom. This was hardly the first time I didn’t remember how I ended up where I was waking up. My first thought was Sheila had probably locked the door to our bedroom because she was still pissed at me. My second thought was, “Wait, how did I get tied up?” I pulled at the ropes I realized were around my wrists and my ankles. God, it felt like a macramé artist had exploded on top of me.

“He’s awake,” I heard Ben’s voice from just outside the door.

“About fucking time,” Sheila said. She came in carrying a large box. “I’m so tired of having to deal with your useless ass,” she yelled at me. “I’m tired of you getting so drunk you end up thinking doing it doggy style means you roll over and play dead. Now that it’s official you aren’t man enough to father kids, I’ve decided there are going to be some major changes.”

The only thing I was wearing besides the ropes was my boxers. She reached into her box and pulled out an enormous pair of scissors. I watched with horror as she brought them near my crotch, but she just used them to cut off my boxers, leaving me exposed.

Ben looked at what I had been packing and snickered. “Hey, Ben,” she said, “do you know what you call this useless piece of skin attached to the penis?” She paused for a moment and said, “My husband.” She indicated to Ben to help her unzip her dress. It spilled around her feet and she stepped out of it. She was already barefoot and stood there in her bra and lace panties.

“Hey, Ben,” she continued. “Look at what so many men would kill for and look what I ended up with.” She turned to face him. “Get down on your knees and push your face into my panties and tell my dickless wonder here what it is you smell.”

Fiction & Literature
March 8
Skye Eagleday
Smashwords, Inc.

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