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There Is No Sacrifice You Aren’t Willing to Make When Your Family Is Counting on You to Come Through

A 10,000-word novella exploring the bondage and discipline on a farm for migrant workers.

Carlos is a 22-year-old, very attractive farmer from Mexico who has wanted nothing more than to leave the United States since he arrived. He hates the brutal winters every bit as much as he despises the harsh sounds of the English language. Thus, when he receives a letter from his mother begging him to come home for a wedding, never to return to the “North,” he is ecstatic. The only question running through his mind: How to pay for it?

Carlos knows his boss, Benjamin, has ample funds to get him back to Mexico, and he also knows that Benjamin has had his eye on him for quite some time—though for very different reasons. Carlos also views Benjamin as a piece of eye candy his mind can’t seem to banish, so when the opportunity for a very intimate bondage meeting between the two becomes a reality, Carlos is all too eager to take advantage of the situation—in hopes of getting both his money and the fulfillment of his deepest, most intimate sexual desires.

Will Carlos prevail and make it back to Mexico for a life he hated to leave from the very beginning? Can he withstand the agony of the punishments Benjamin has in store for him? Find out in The Way Home.

- “The Way Home is another example of the amazing work A.J. Moor puts on the market for those of us who love gay BDSM erotica and erotic fantasy. Now with a twist of interracial juiciness that leaves chills down my spine. Glad to see Moor is moving to a more diverse set of characters. Here’s to more from this amazing author!” - Stanton Blakeley, Santa Monica, CA

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Fiction & Literature
October 17
A.J. Moor
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