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"The WhiteLights"

Written by N.K

When his father Herbert Castle is mysteriously abducted and killed by an unknown enemy right in front of his eyes a young boy Frank Castle is left traumatized and reeling back from the shock of losing his father. Now sixteen years later the nightmares are back and the same evil that took their father is now stalking Frank and his kid brother Jimmy!
One ordinary morning the boys are kidnapped and swept up into the dangerous deceptive world of the WhiteLights (a powerful and influential clandestine organization bent on cleansing the world of evil no matter what the cost) and they reveal the biggest surprise yet when the boys find out that there father was in fact an agent working in secret for the very same organization.
They are adopted into the WhiteLights and as the brothers mature it's evident that the organization has more than the boy's safety in mind and the elder brother Frank Castle is being groomed to be the perfect soldier for the organization.
The plot thickens with the appearance of a mysterious entity "Ares" who brands Frank with its mark just before he sets out on the mission of a lifetime; a quest to avenge his father and bring his killers to justice.
Along the way he will meet a host of colorful characters including Dorian (a vampire with a personality working for the organization) and Sarah Parker (a stunningly beautiful female agent who seems to have a soft spot for Frank).
However everything is not as it seems and the odyssey he embarks upon will test his moral fabric pushing his soul to its very breaking point!
Blood will be spilled and lives lost as Frank heads on a collision course with the most ancient of Evils!

Fiction & Literature
June 22
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