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Psychopath. The word conjurs up images of serial killers, rapists, suicide bombers, gangsters. But think again: you could probably benefit from being a little more psychopathic yourself.

Psychologist Kevin Dutton has made a speciality of psychopathy, and is on first-name terms with many notorious killers. But unlike those incarcerated psychopaths, and all those depicted in movies and crime fiction, most are not violent, he explains. In fact, says Prof Dutton, they have a lot of good things going for them. Psychopaths are fearless, confident, charismatic and focused--qualities tailor-made for success in today's society.

The Wisdom of Psychopaths is an intellectual rollercoaster ride that combines lightning-hot science with unprecedented access to secret monasteries, Special Forces training camps, and high-security hospitals. In it, you will meet serial killers, war heroes, financiers, movie stars and attorneys--and discover that beneath the hype and popular characterization, psychopaths have something to teach us. 

Like the knobs on a mixing deck, psychopathy is graded. And finding the right combination of psychopathic traits, sampled and mixed at carefully calibrated volumes, can put us ahead of the game.

Health, Mind & Body
October 16
Doubleday Canada
Penguin Random House Canada

Customer Reviews

garushka ,

Interesting Read

An interesting take an a well researched topic.

Serelcambio ,


This book is a captivating, detailed, and well put-together look into what makes a psychopath and what separates a real, everyday psychopath from the way psychopaths are portrayed by the general media. The author describes psychopathic traits without painting them as “right” or “wrong”, or “good” or “bad”. He is unafraid of his subject, and seems to take more of a curious tack. I found it to be a refreshingly objective take on the subject.

Workbookless ,

Definitely different

A very deferent take on a subject thats become a bit tired. I dotn agree with all his conclusions but I found his research interesting and challenging.

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