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Sometimes happily ever after isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Theo Fitzcharles thought he’d put the worst behind him when he became King of Thalania and named his two lovers, Meg Sanders and Galen Mikos, as his Consorts. Unfortunately, the realities of running a country have worn on all of them, individually and as a triad. Theo has every intention of making things right, but first he has to deal with an old enemy who’s closer than anyone could have dreamed.

Meg Sanders never wanted to be a princess. Now that she’s one of two Consorts to the King of Thalania, she knows why—it’s work. Every time she turns around, she’s misstepping and struggling not to screw up the careful political maneuvering required for her new position. But her struggles with the new position are the least of her worries she’s attacked in the palace.

Theo, Galen, and Meg must race to identify her attacker and neutralize them before they can make another attempt to hurt her. There’s plenty of people who want Meg out of the palace—and at least one isn’t picky about whether she’s breathing or not when she goes. 

December 3
Trinkets and Tales LLC
Trinkets and Tales LLC

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Sandy Sch ,

provocative and intimate

THEIRS EVER AFTER is the third instalment in Katee Robert’s contemporary, adult THE THALANIAN DYNASTY, erotic, MMF romance series focusing on twenty-three year old American and former bar waitress Meg Sanders, bodyguard and protector Galen Mikos, and former crown prince of Thalania Theo Fitzcharles III. THEIRS EVER AFTER should not be read as a stand alone as it picks up six months after the events of book two-Forever Theirs.

NOTE: THEIRS EVER AFTER and the Thalanian Dynasty series contains graphic ménage scenarios of M/M, MMF, MFM sexual situations that may not be suitable for all readers.

Told from several third person perspectives THEIRS EVER AFTER focuses on the struggling relationship between twenty-three year old, former bar waitress / university student Meg Sanders, bodyguard and protector Galen Mikos, and former crown prince of Thalania Theo Fitzcharles III. Upon the death of his father, the once exiled crown prince of Thalania, Theo Fitzcharles III returns to his home country to ascend to the throne but Theo turns the kingdom upside down by naming his body guard and best friend Galen Mikos, and the woman they love Meg Sanders, as dual consorts. Not everyone is happy with Theo’s return or the idea of an American living in the palace, and steps are taken to destroy their love, and break the relationship between them. What ensues is the building but struggling relationship between Theo, Galen and Meg, and the potential fall-out as Meg is targeted on more than one occasion, as Theo and Galen set a plan into motion to take the guilt party down.

Meg and Galen struggle with their newly designated position as consorts to the king. Galen, the once vibrant head of security battles his need to protect the man that he loves; and Meg needs something more than mundane life of drinking tea and scheduling meetings. Theo, oblivious to his consorts’ emotional fall-out endeavors to pull the noble Families together, Families that would rather see someone else ascend to the throne.

The relationship between Theo, Galen and Meg is passionate and sexual but struggles in the face of Theo’s current schedule, and his overwhelming battle to keep peace at home. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense with MM, MMF, MFM, and FM sexual situations.

We are reintroduced to Theo’s sister Princess Camilla (aka Cami); Theo’s new head of security Isaac Kozlov; Meg’s new assistant Alys; and Noemi Huxley, a member of the noble Huxley family. The requisite evil has many faces. Noemi and Isaac’s story is next in THEIR SECOND CHANCE.

The world building continues to look at Theo’s struggle for a smooth ascension to the Thalanian throne. An American as consort does nothing to win Theo’s approval from the reigning noble Families, as Galen must face his past when threats to the people he love become personal and deadly.

THEIRS EVER AFTER is a story of betrayal and lies; secrets and sins; power and struggle; romance and love. The premise is engaging, intriguing and spicy; the characters are dynamic, spirited and colorful; the romance is provocative and intimate. THEIRS EVER AFTER is an impassioned look at a new hope for the future of Thalania.

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