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The tongue is a power part of the body. In terms of size that can be seen, the size of the tongue is relatively small. The weight of tongue in the male is averagely 70 grams while in the female is about 60 grams. However, the tongue has potential to do great and mighty things. It has a deep connection with the human heart. That is to say, beyond physical anatomy of the tongue, there is more about the spiritual effect of the tongue. As the spirit world supersede the physical, so is the spiritual effect of tongue goes beyond the physical structure of it.

Yes, there is power in the tongue, your tongue is so powerful that it can improve or destroy your entire life. A lot of people ended their life in the prison yard because of the way they use their tongue, despite the fact that they are innocent. Many people passed to the great beyond untimely, because of the use of the tongue. Employment seekers fail interview because of the way they use their tongue.  The tongue is so powerful that it can destroy a whole nation; it can cause war in between two countries.

According to the book of Ephesians. 4:29: Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen: The tongue has the capacity to determine what you become and you will not. God, the Almighty Creator of all things, understood the potent weapon called tongue this by placing tongue in a "double jail": the lips and the teeth. The only way the tongue exhibit its potency is through spoken word. Have you ever wondered why God kept tongue in such prison? I feel it simply because He wants the individual to be responsible for the use of his or her tongue. Lest one say, I never knew when I said such. Therefore, every man is responsible for letting the tongue out of "the double prisons."

When you take time to look at the story of creation, the world we see and all the beautiful things that are in it were created by the spoken word of the Almighty. Hence, you will understand the power given to the instrument or tool through which words are spoken. As I have stated earlier, the tongue is deeply connected to the human heart. Your tongue is just a faithful representative of your heart. Your tongue is "the painter" which gives the picture of the state of your heart. Where you are and where you will reach in life are both functions of how you use your tongue.

Have you ever desired to change your status? Perhaps you have been wondering how you can get out of that predicament, and you are wondering where to start. You need not look far, start by watching the use of your tongue. Your status is as good as the way you use your tongue.

Of course, I admit that it's difficult for a natural man to put in check the use of the tongue. This is due to his state of heart. Be that as it may, if you will ever see any improvement or advancement, it is high time you started changing your vocabularies. Form negativity to positive words. From the story of woes to good news. From murmuring to giving thanks, from cursing to blessing.

Though, many people through ignorance carelessly use this lethal weapon and thereby limit themselves and destiny of people around them. This book seeks to reveal to you the potency force behind the use of tongue as well as how you can begin to use this faithful servant to create the world you desire.

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September 9
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