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A spin-off from the best-selling series Something So comes a whole brand of crazy & wild love stories.


Never fall in love.
That was my motto, and I was sticking to it.
Having my heart broken once was enough, and I never wanted to do it again.
He was supposed to be a one-night stand, the only thing I do.
One rule shouldn't be so hard to follow, but then I went back for seconds, then thirds. 

After that, I lost count of the number of times I lost myself in his arms.
When I wasn't paying attention, my guard slipped.


They call me Private Mark for a reason—my whole life is a secret.
For two years, we danced around each other until I got her right where I wanted her ... under me.
Now that I had her, I wasn't letting her go. I thought we were on the same page.
I thought we were building something great.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

I had no idea that while I was falling in love, she was trying to convince herself we were temporary.
She thought I'd walk away.

She was wrong.

Now it's time to convince her she wants us too and to show her that the crazy, wild thing we have ... This Is Love.

September 3
Natasha Madison
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

pink1doll ,

This is Love

Vivienne has been one of my favourite characters throughout this fantastic series. I was so excited when I found out she was fetus book of her own .. Markos is a perfect match for her, this book made me happy, mad, sad and then ecstatic... I definitely recommend this five star read!!

Jac50shades ,

This Is Love is EXACTLY what I was anticipating for one of my FAVE NM heroines!

This Is Love is EXACTLY what I was anticipating for one of my FAVE NM heroines! Vivienne (Vivi) is hilariously inappropriate...and has a huge heart...and I ADORE her, she's my spirit animal in human form! As for Mark? You know what they say about the strong, silent types? Yeah....multiply THAT by a thousand and you have ALPHA-Markos! Yes, please!!

*sigh* Natasha Madison has pretty much perfected the "make you fall in love, laugh your a@@ off, cause multiple pantie changes, rip your heart out while SHE laughs her a@@ off, but in the end she puts it alllllll back together with a HEA that melts your heart" The banter between besties Vivi and Karrie is absolutely HILARIOUS (you can read her and Matthew's love story in Something So Perfect...YUM!)!!! And, of course, the on-going hilarity between all the characters is LIFE!!! I LOVE THIS SERIES, but I especially love THIS BOOK!!! I knew Vivienne's story would be unforgettable, and Ms. Madison nailed it!!! I can't recommend this one highly enough!!!

141115 ,

A beautiful heartfelt love story!!

Oh my, what a beautiful transformation Vivienne went through! I have always loved her sense of humour, witty comebacks and ability to make everyone laugh or be uncomfortable at any second and this book had more than enough of that! Lmao I absolutely love the fact she has no filter but in a good way! Mark was just yummy and perfect! I loved the way he held himself and was really such a kind, genuine, sexy guy who kept to himself. I think that honestly made him even more attractive to me. He wasn’t over the top but he got his points and feelings across in a sweet and understanding way. The back and forth between these two as they fell in love and tired to fight it was hilarious, sometimes sad and endearing! They were just such a sweet, fun couple! I loved the progression of their relationship and how it ended up! Natasha Madison was right, This Is Love 💕 💕💕💕 Fabulous story!

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