This Time On The Right Track

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Publisher Description

When it comes to personal healing, as humans, we have the tendency to place the responsibility on our therapists, family, and friends to make us “better.” Seldom do we own our vices or hold ourselves accountable for facing our deep-rooted traumas and pain. We reconfigure them into habits that hurt instead of help when all along, we could have been placing them with God.

This Time On the Right Track is Marieta Trimble’s personal story of redemption. Like many of us, Marieta admits her unwillingness to surrender to God or do the necessary work for healing- a seemingly impossible task after unshakeable childhood trauma, years of unhealthy coping mechanisms, and growing mental illness. Addiction, promiscuity, rage, and resentment form from the deepest of wounds and steadily crack the foundations of our lives until we are left shaky and unstable. Yet, releasing our pasts, renewing our thoughts, and embracing His mercy and grace is how to reveal our true identity in Christ.

When we begin to believe our misguided truths is when we need to remember, more than ever, the truth, His truth. Too often we forget that not only are we the prisoner, but we are also the guard, the iron cell, and the sentencer. We run back to our vicious cycles only to find ourselves locked back in the dungeon, the ground crumbling beneath us. Rebuild your foundation on God’s tower of truth, His fortress of safety. Learn how to be an overcomer. Craft the keys to setting yourself free.

Health, Mind & Body
March 30
Xulon Press
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