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Roksana, heiress to the vampire slayer throne, has performance anxiety.

She's supposed to kill Elias, but so far she's only succeeded in maxing out his credit card. Now her failure to stake the brooding vampire has sent her back to Moscow in disgrace to face her mother's wrath. Expecting punishment by death, she's given a rare reprieve. She now has three tasks to complete, the last of which is to finally kill Elias. She will not fail this time.

If only the memories of one magical evening—back when Elias was human—would stop holding her back. He claims to have forgotten that night. Why can't she?

Three years ago, Elias was a SWAT team member on a guys' weekend in Vegas. Playing poker and minding his own business, his life changed forever when a captivating blonde strolled past his table in a light-up bra. He followed Roksana as if compelled, his very bones demanding he do so, his soul resonating with the belief she would be important to him. Always. That turned out to be a vast understatement—and nothing has changed.

Roksana embarks on her mission, determined to win back her mother's approval, but when an astonishing truth emerges in the eleventh hour, will her stake pierce the very heart that beats in her honor? Or will love triumph over duty?

June 22
Tessa Bailey
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

heart breaking and emotional

THIS TIME TOMORROW is the second instalment in Tessa Bailey’s contemporary, adult PHENOMENAL FATE erotic, paranormal romance series. This is former SWAT team member Elias, and Russian, vampire slayer Roksana. THIS TIME TOMORROW can be read as a stand alone with limited difficulty. Any important information is revealed where necessary but I recommend reading the series in order for backstory and cohesion. Elias and Roksana were first introduced in Jonas and Ginny’s book -Reborn Yesterday.

NOTE: If you have not read the previous instalment, there may be some spoilers in my review.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Roksana and Elias) using present day and memories from the past THIS TIME TOMORROW focuses on the enemies to lovers relationship between former SWAT team member Elias, and Russian, vampire slayer Roksana. Three years earlier, Roksana and her friends arrived in Las Vegas to celebrate the impending nuptials between her BFF Ginny Lynn, and vampire Jonas Cantrell but what no one knew was that our heroine Roksana came from a long line of vampire slayers, and Roksana refused to act on her family heritage. Meeting US SWAT team member and human Elias meant the possibility of one-night of freedom but to Roksana’s horror, Elias would turn on her friends, destroying them all. Fast forward to present day wherein, Elias, now a vampire working for King Jonas Cantrell, has been targeted for termination by Inessa, the Queen of Shadows vampire slayer using our heroine as the means to exact her revenge. What ensues is the rebuilding romance and forbidden relationship between Roksana and Elias, and the fall-out as Roksana learns the truth, and refuses to obey her mother’s commands.

Roksana knows she is the bane of her mother’s existence; a failure as a slayer whose heart is too soft when it comes to destroying the bloodsucking undead but to Roksana’s horror, our heroine is the ultimate target of her mother’s hatred, and in doing so destroys everything and everyone Roksana has loved. Three years earlier, Elias and his best friend Tucker, awoke to a new life of darkness, drinking blood and a desire to kill. Believing himself a cold-blooded killer, Elias is willing to offer up his life to protect the woman with whom he would fall in love.

The relationship between Elias and Roksana is fated by blood. What began as a case of infatuation and lust would soon turn into a case of fated mates wherein Elias’ need to claim Roksana supersedes his need to protect himself. Knowing his secrets could destroy the woman he loves, Elias is willing to risk it all including sacrificing himself to protect Roksana from the one person who should be protecting our heroine, herself. The $ex scenes are erotic and intense, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

We are reintroduced to Ginny Lynn and her husband, king of the vampire Jonas Cantrell; Elias’ former SWAT teammate Tucker; Roksana’s mother, Iness, the Queen of Shadows, as well as the introduction of another supernatural power-the Fae-and the potential for Tucker to have found his mate.

THIS TIME TOMORROW is a story of betrayal and revenge, secrets and lies; family, friendships, power and love. The premise is heart breaking and emotional; the romance is seductive and captivating; the characters are colorful, energetic and charismatic.

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