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This book by Cooper-Chadwick throws some light on those early years of that territory that came to be known as Rhodesia. So called as Cecil Rhodes was one of the architects of the founding of this country in the late 1800's. Our intrepid adventurer first came to Africa as a member of Sir Charles Warren's expedition to the Cape. After that there were some years as a Bechuanaland Border Policeman. A lot of personal observations of the inhabitants of the southern region of Africa. The Hottentots, Bushmen, Koi people and the early Dutch settlers. The friendship with Chief Khama of Bechuanaland and many other African notables of that time. After dabbling in mining in the Rand and a colorful overview of life in Johannesburg and later Pretoria our man Cooper-Chadwick put together an expedition to join the gold rush into the mineral rich territories of Matabeleland and Mashonaland. Entertaining tales of the hardships and triumphs of that journey until finally in Matabeleland he went to meet King Lobengula who he described as being by far the most intelligent Matabele he had ever met. The king and the Matabele in general were always a little suspicious of the "makewa" or white men so he had them camp very close by so his "impi" warriors could keep an eye on them. Cooper-Chadwick and the King became firm friends and he visited the royal quarters regularly. Drank beer "utshwala" or African beer and eating copious amounts of meat. He eventually became known as the king's man and was trusted to go with the "indunas" (the wise elders) who advised the king, to deliver important messages and even entrusted with guarding the 1000 rifles given to the Matabele king as part of the deal to persuade him to sign the Rudd Concession, which was the contentious agreement given to Rhodes' company to exclusive mining rights in Matabeleland and Mashonaland. A highly entertaining account this book and many interesting historical insights.

February 16
Herbert Klein
Herbert Klein

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