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An illicit, enticing fantasy turns to sizzling reality in this erotic short!

Mandy agreed to let Austin do anything he wanted. Anything. And now he is about to take her up on that promise. She knows he is going to spank her, knows that before the evening is over her ass will be a bright, crimson red.
Questions flood her mind--will it be a sexy stroking over his knee or a blistering thrashing over the bed? Will he use a wooden paddle to bring her to tears or simply use his hand to drive her wild? And just how much will it hurt?
But the question that bothers her the most, that completely terrifies her, is--how much will it turn her on?

Reach satisfaction with Mandy as she is Tied and Spanked—for his Birthday.

She could feel nervous butterflies squirming in her stomach as she walked up the driveway toward the front door. Her heart was pounding so hard it felt like it would explode in her chest. For a moment, she even wondered if she would pass out. She hesitated for a moment, then shoved the feeling aside and kept trudging toward her doom.
Then she was knocking at the door, that moment before he answered stretching out forever. She nearly whimpered in nervous anticipation, the unknown a terrifying question in her mind, both torturing and teasing her. She bit her lip anxiously, worried eyes glued to the door.
When Austin finally opened the door, his endearing smile broke over her like sunshine, melting her heart even as it thudded in her chest. This was why she had agreed. Well, one of the reasons at least. All Austin had to do was give her that special smile meant just for her, and she wanted to give him the moon.
He reached out and took her hand in his, his large palm dwarfing hers, pulling her into the house. Neither said a word. They did not need to. Mandy was in his arms in an instant, her arms wrapped around his neck, his mouth seizing her lips. The spicy scent of him intoxicated her, rushing straight to her head, and she was instantly drunk with him, wanting nothing but him. His lips burned against hers, his tongue a flame that stroked her lips, delving into her mouth. Their tongues battled, their dance as old as time, the rhythm traveling through their bodies as their hips pressed together.
Austin’s thigh slid between hers, and she could feel him already hard as he pressed against her. When she finally pulled away, she could see the passion in his eyes, his breath as hard and ragged as her own. Then he pushed her away slightly, struggling for control.
“No. I thought about this all day and already I’m so hard and ready to exploded it’s almost unbearable. But I have plans, and I want to go through with them.” There was a glimmer in his eye, along with a mischievous twinkle that was unfamiliar to her. Anxiously, she bit her lip, her hands trembling as they slid from his neck. He grinned at her.
“Come on. I want to show you something.” His hand tugged at hers, pulling her toward his bedroom.
She gasped the moment she walked inside, the sight astonishing her. The room was lit up with candles, dozens of candles of all shapes and sizes dancing as their soft light fluttered around the room. The bright glow threw mysterious shadows across the walls, the sight making her heart skipped a beat. The sensual flames licked the air, and the touch of romance nearly brought her to her knees.
The next site made her tremble as well, though with a different sensation. Austin tugged her to the bed, and she glanced down to see black cuffs attached to each corner. They were new, and she had never seen anything like them before in real life, but she knew exactly what they were for.

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January 20
Seductive Stories
Draft2Digital, LLC

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