Tied Up and F****d‪!‬

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An engine idling woke her up. She opened her eyes to a beautiful red Ferrari and a man in a suit standing outside of it looking at her and smiling. Toni stood up immediately. She couldn't believe she slept like that! At least now there's someone here. Maybe he could give me a ride back to town? she thought. She bit her lip and smiled to the man in the suit. Time to go to work.

He looked great – tall, short brown hair and a bit of stubble on his chiseled jaw. He had deep blue eyes and shoulders the size of a brick wall. Even though he wore a dress shirt, it clung to him and defined every contour of his tight, ripped body. Toni adjusted her skimpy top. She knew just how much to pull it down and she did so, revealing the upper halves of her curvy breasts. Then, she adjusted her shorts that she knew were too short — she didn't think she'd have to take off the jumpsuit today. She walked over to him standing still, right outside his Ferrari. He ate her with his eyes and grinned when she walked towards him.

"Car troubles?" He said.

"Yeah, damn thing just gave up on me!" Toni said, swaying her ass as she walked closer to the man in the suit. "I'm Toni, what's your name, stranger?"


Mmmm, she liked that name. Strong. Confident.

"Well, Dallas," she said, now standing next to him and leaning forward just enough. "I love your car."

"Thanks." He smiled again, not taking his eyes off of her. She could feel his desire with those eyes and she could feel the heat rise between her legs. Toni moved closer to him, letting her breasts gently graze his arm.

"Want to check it out?" He said.

She nodded and walked around the car, Dallas right at her back. He told her about the custom detailing job he had done to make the car shine more brilliantly in the sun, he told her about the cost of importing it right from Italy and when she asked him to pop the hood, he obliged. They walked towards the front of the car and he hefted the hood like it was nothing.

"Oh my god, it's beautiful," Toni said, bent over, gazing at the shiny chrome engine. What a work of art!

Dallas came up behind her and slowly rode a hand on her hip, placing two very thick fingers on her ass. Toni almost moaned right then and there. "It's my baby, and I treat it well. Wanted it for years." He rubbed his hand firmly along her hipbone. "Sometimes you just need to take what you want."

She looked up at him and grinned. She bit her lip when she saw the lust in his eyes.

"I need to be in town in a few hours. I had to have that truck ready for my client, but now I need to at least get it towed back." She squeezed her shoulders together, giving him a good peek of her round breasts. "I don't suppose you could give me a ride?"

Dallas looked at her and grinned, a toothy smile splitting his lips. "Yeah girl, I can give you a ride."

Fiction & Literature
June 28
Dana Brown
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