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Train, Instruct, Excite And Demand

TIED is a groundbreaking novel of intense imagination and subjugation in a world of today where the camera in every cell phone is always trained on you no matter where you are.  It’s ready to catch the good, bad and depraved acts of modern man inflicted on each other.  You’ll experience the book through the lens of the camera with still photographs capturing that intimate act in a fraction of a second, that film or video would be missed in the collection of hours of mundane footage.

Rachel got this sudden interest in boudoir photography.  She sought out the most skill photographer for her first pictures at Imagine Photography.  There she met Michael, the photographer and she found out why he’s the best.  He had Rachel making love to his camera,

trying to please it with her body.  He wasn’t satisfied until she arched her back a bit more to thrust her firm breasts out to their fullest or spread her thighs that extra inch to entice the camera to peer between them and seek out her dark mysterious or push her ass up a little higher to display her full buttocks proudly.

She was so proud of her first pictures that she wanted more, so she brought her roommate Brooke, the next time.  They were both surprised when Michael wanted them to pose together.  Rachel realized it was her imagination that drove what the camera captured and she did everything to please the camera.

Michael had this charm that pushed Rachel more each time to please his camera.  A pair of simple handcuffs on Rachel’s wrists set something off in her that she couldn’t control.  Michael took advantage of that. Rachel’s imagination found her on a dark path that she couldn’t


Michael made his money shooting the fantasies of the extremely wealthy.  It required realism for the wealthy to act out their fantasies.  They couldn’t do it with only their friends that had their shared life experiences interrupting the fantasy.  They needed unattached and unknown individuals to join in, with Rachel and Brooke the center of attention, responding to the fantasies of others.  The simple handcuffs became greater restraints to keep their bodies in stringent bondage subject to the desires of the camera and the others. It wasn’t just the camera that their bodies had to please.  The others took advantage of the vulnerable and dangerous bondage they were placed in to seek out pleasures that were dark and degrading while the camera snapped away incessantly to preserve the acts in vivid color to see again and again.

Men and women took advantage of Brooke and Rachel, or was it the other way around?  Had they found their true calling in subjugation to the camera?  The camera captured their imagination, youthful exuberance and passion in ways they never expected.  Each time they wanted more and Michael made sure the unexpected was around the next corner to excite them in ways that were both unnatural and arousing.

Fiction & Literature
August 27
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